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Some Overlooked Steps You Should Consider Before Diving into a Bathroom Remodel

Too many homeowners jump into a remodeling project without really thinking it all the way through. You need to spend a lot of your time planning for the smaller details when you first begin to plan out your remodel, and you have to learn to expect the unexpected as well. Don’t overlook these crucial steps when it comes to mapping out a bathroom remodel. Work with a contractor to ensure that every little detail is in place before you start.

  • Calculating a Budget: When figuring out your budget, keep in mind that the unexpected can often happen during a bathroom remodel. Maybe you were only planning on replacing your bathtub, but it may turn out that pipes need to be replaced before this can happen. Your contractor may find severe water damage you were not expecting or a hidden structural problem with the room. Leave some extra space in your budget (and in your calendar) for these types of issues.
  • Considering Functionality: What good is a new bathtub or spa if it takes up too much space and only gets used occasionally? Remember that style and luxury may be important to you, but you should probably consider functionality first and foremost before making any major decisions about the fixtures in your new room. Don’t let your desire for a large tub overtake your need for space and storage. Consider a bump-out addition if a compromise is not ideal.
  • Light and Ventilation: These are two areas of the bathroom that many homeowners fail to think about when planning a bathroom remodel. Make sure you have plenty of illumination around mirrors and about 4 watts of lighting per square foot of space. Or, save energy by using a lot of natural light to brighten parts of the room in the daytime. And check that your contractor has thought carefully about vent locations and wiring as well.

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