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Some Key Steps for a Successful Bathroom Remodel

bathroom-remodeling-completeYou’re starting off the New Year with plans to remodel parts of your house—and the bathroom is one of them. We think this is a great choice: bathroom remodeling is often overlooked when people think of updating their house, but the right new bathroom makes life easier, more enjoyable, and increases property value while simultaneously lowering water bills.

How do you get started with a bathroom remodel? We’ve listed some of the key steps toward making your remodeling a success.

ONE: Plan your budget

Cost is, of course, one of the major considerations for any project of this size. You want to have a budget set aside for the bathroom remodeling that’s realistic. There are many different considerations for the budget, such as the cost of materials, fixtures, electrical rewiring, repiping, etc.

This is the first of many reasons you want to work with an experienced contractor for the remodel. You can request an estimate with a contractor who will go through the different choices available to you to find a design that matches your available budget. Trying to do all this yourself can result in you running into major unexpected costs and budget overruns.

TWO: Think about storage

We know you’ll want to focus on a great new shower (such as changing to a walk-in shower) and the attractiveness of the new sink (vessel sinks are popular now), but the more mundane aspect of storage is something to focus on. The right remodel can significantly increase the bathroom storage space, such as adding in a linen closet or an extra sink with cabinets underneath. If you are redesigning the bathroom to accommodate more people in the house, storage will be extra important.

THREE: Upgrade the lighting

Here’s another part of remodeling that people can take for granted: the power of effective lighting on a new space. The right lighting will not only make for a warmer and more inviting room, it will also make the bathroom safer to use. If you have a remodeler who also works on lighting (we do!), you can ask them on advice for the best all-around new lighting solutions.

FOUR: Hire a professional contractor who can do all parts of the remodel

We mentioned hiring a professional contractor in the first step, but we want to emphasize here the importance of hiring a contractor who handles every step of the remodel. One way to go about a remodeling is to hire separate contractors for different parts—an electrician for the wiring and lights, a plumber for the pipe replacement, an architect or designer to create the general design. But when you have all these jobs under a single roof—a contractor who handles all of them—you have a much better chance of getting the work done that you want, with few unexpected surprises.

For an estimate on bathroom remodeling in Calabasas, CA or elsewhere in our service area, call our team of designers, architects, and builders today. We’re a general contractor who can build homes from the ground up or take care of all the steps of your bathroom remodel.

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