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Some Ideas Where to Invest in Your New Kitchen

kitchen-new-remodelIf you are looking to do a major kitchen remodeling or a kitchen addition in Los Angeles, CA to expand out the current space, we hope you aren’t considering doing the job as a DIY project. Calling on a professional contractor with experience and a team of the best in design and construction work is the first place to invest your money.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get to make important choices about your newer, bigger kitchen. When you work with our remodeling professionals, they’ll help guide you through the options as you decide on exactly what you want to focus on. We have some tips on excellent places to invest your remodeling funds so you’ll receive the highest return from the renovated or extended kitchen.

Dual Sinks

If you are doing a kitchen addition, you’ll have a significantly larger amount of countertop space, especially if you have an island put in. One way to best use this space is to put in a second, smaller sink. If you entertain often and like cooking big meals, you’ll probably understand why this is helpful to have. Two people can help with meal prep, there’s a separate area for hand-washing, and it’s a great place for bartending during parties.


Speaking of putting in more countertop space, what will those new countertops be made of? This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make for the remodel, and it has a large effect on the budget and the usefulness of the kitchen. This is a place where spending more can give you a great return. Stone countertops are one of the best choices, and there are types of stone that are in a more affordable range. Great countertops make a big statement and are far more durable.

Cabinetry and Drawers

Attractive cabinets have a similar effect on the attractiveness of a kitchen as countertops. However, we want to point to the usefulness of cabinets and drawers, which are factors often overlooked in their selection. For example, it’s a good idea to invest in full-extension, soft-close drawers. These are useful because you can reach completely into the drawer without having to slide your hand under to access the back. They don’t slam either and movement is smooth. If you’ve dealt with a sticky drawer you have to wriggle around to open, you know how annoying they are.


You’ll be focused on cabinets and countertops during the design phase because these are the most noticeable parts of a renovation. But the appliances are what makes the kitchen useful, and it’s good to know which appliances are the best ones to spend extra on. Refrigerators are easily replaceable, but cooktops are not; this is one example of where you can focus money on appliances.


You don’t have to have the backsplash match the flooring material. If you are going for less expensive floor tiles, routing the money instead toward the backsplash is an excellent. Ceramic tile is one of the best materials for the backsplash.

We are here to help you make the best choices for your new kitchen.

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