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Some Ideas for Green Remodeling

You’re ready to update your home for better efficiency and home design, but you’re also conscious about the effect this job may have on the environment. Green remodeling is possible if you plan for the job well ahead of time and find a quality company to work on your property. We offer a short guide here for more information about green remodeling, but check with your local, licensed, and environmentally-conscious general contractors for more information.

Find Out Where You’re Wasting Energy

One of the best ways to start on a green remodel is to find out where your home wastes energy and to fix those problems first and foremost. Many companies can perform an energy audit to help you assess air leaks and problematic HVAC systems or plumbing leaks around the home. Green remodeling isn’t all about installing solar panels or geothermal systems. A lot of energy use can be eliminated by sealing leaks and updating inefficient equipment.

Add On to Existing Features

Part of green remodeling is using as few resources as possible to update the look and feel of your home. Work with what you already have as much as possible and build up from there. Choose reclaimed or sustainably harvested woods for new construction and consider salvaged home décor when the remodel is through.

Work with Like-Minded Professionals

When you tell your professional contractor that you’d like to “go green” with a remodeling job rather than waste environmental resources, your contractor should have ideas to contribute and should be willing to attempt to work within your budget wherever possible. It’s not worth your time to work with someone who doesn’t really care about conservation. A like-minded professional with experience building and remodeling greener homes will be able to help you make tough choices about water, energy, and building material conservation.

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