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Some Do’s and Don’ts of Building a New Home

hand-drawing-check-boxTwo weeks ago, we wrote up a “Do’s and Don’ts” post about bathroom remodeling. Today we’re expanding out to the entire house. If you have plans to build a new house from the ground up, you’ll want to know what mistakes to avoid, as well as the best advice to make your home into exactly what you want. We’ll go through several of the major do’s and don’ts when it comes to new home construction. 

Do… hire a general contractor

This is the most important step when it comes to building your dream house. A general contractor will handle organizing all of the different jobs necessary for a successful house construction, from the initial design phases through the completion of construction and getting all the necessary permits. We offer new construction in Calabasas, CA that doesn’t require using any subcontractors: we take care of all aspects of the job, which further streamlines the process and helps avoid budget overruns. 

Don’t… choose a contractor who gives you the cheapest quote

The worst way to choose a general contractor for new home construction is to look at who gives you the lowest quote. If you’re only looking at the dollar signs, you’re more likely to hire a contractor who lacks the expertise necessary to get the best results. Contractors who low-ball quotes are often looking for ways to add to the price later through “surprise” costs that weren’t included in the original quote. Look to the experience of the contractor rather than the price—ask for references, since a quality contractor will be happy to provide them.

Do… have established goals and guidelines

Principally, this means understanding your budget as well as the timeline you want. Your general contractor will help you with this, but you’ll find everything goes much smoother when you have a solid idea of what you want and how much you have to spend on it. Tell the contractor what you’re looking for and your cost limitations so the project gets started right. You’re much more likely to achieve your goals this way.

Don’t… build castles in the sky

Building your own house is exciting. You can imagine the exact type of home you want to live in, customized for your family’s needs. But, keep it realistic. If you’re focused on a life you’d like to live rather than the life you currently have, you’ll end up with a home filled with unused spaces that cost much more to build. For example, don’t put in a large game room if you don’t entertain often. 

Do… stay flexible about options

Going into a new home construction with too rigid a concept of what you want often leads to disappointment. Be ready to make changes and find different approaches should the unexpected arise. Once again, having a great contractor will make this all much easier, as the contractor can show you the different options available so you can find what works best for you.

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