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Smart Storage for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom-shelvingOne of the biggest complaints many people have before remodeling a bathroom is the lack of storage. If your home is part of a development, rather than a custom build, this may be something you think about a lot. In fact, even if you chose custom cabinetry from scratch years ago, you may have regrets now.

Bathroom storage is something that will never go out of style. So if you’re remodeling your bathroom and need a little push in the right direction as far as storage is concerned, check out our tips!

Consider Open Shelving

Looking for something different when it comes to your bathroom shelving? Maybe you’ve seen open shelving work for kitchens, but you’re not sure if it’s really the right fit for your bathroom. But we’ve seen visible storage work in beautiful ways with rustic metal storage bins or baskets to keep all of your most important items within reach.

The main benefit of open shelving is that it can make the bathroom feel larger without solid cabinetry jutting out into the room. When you are remodeling a small bathroom, and there’s not much you can do to extend the square footage, a lot of the bathroom remodeling process involves tricks of the eye. Open shelving will take up space, but being able to see the wall makes it seem like a bigger space.

Floor-to-Ceiling Is Always in Style

Floor-to-ceiling shelving won’t date your bathroom, and can be integrated into most spaces. Just make sure you still leave room for some of the other essentials, like lighting around your mirror. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is a blessing to those with large families.

Get Rustic

Set your bathroom apart with a converted wardrobe or antique cabinet. Sometimes, it’s worth it to go bold and choose a shelving unit that may not perfectly match all of the materials in your bathroom but accents the décor nonetheless. Shop antique stores for the perfect fit, and you might be surprised to see how much storage vintage pieces can hold.

Forgo Something Else

If you want to fit more bathroom storage in, you might consider giving up something else. You might have your eye on that pedestal sink, but is it really worth it if your bathroom constantly feels cluttered and storage is difficult to manage? Prioritize your needs first and foremost, and then you can find the beautiful accent pieces that make it feel complete. For example, while you might not have the pedestal sink you wanted at first, you can have under-sink storage and plenty of counter space and a vessel sink instead.

Store Things Elsewhere

While it’s nice to have all of your things in one place, it might not necessarily be the best choice in a smaller bathroom. If you’re worried about storage space, try reassessing your current storage needs. Maybe there are things you can throw out, perhaps that extensive nail polish collection belongs elsewhere, or maybe you can store some of those spare towels in the hall closet.

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