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Sink Options for a Kitchen Remodel

Pouring-waterIn our last post, we looked at the different choices you have for a sink when doing a bathroom remodel. It makes sense that for this post we’ll turn our eye toward the other major type of remodel, the kitchen remodel, and what type of sink you might install when you overhaul an old kitchen. You have a similar wide range of options, but different considerations.

The Drop-In Sink

These first two sinks are similar to the bathroom sinks of the same name, and they are also the most common sink types. The drop-in sink (or overmount sink) is set down into a hole, and the outer edge of the sink keeps it in place. It’s a flexible sink design and one of the less expensive options. They’re also easier to replace than most sinks. But they can accumulate buildup under the rim from soap scum and organic material, making them require a bit more maintenance.

The Undermount Sink

This sink is attached from below to a pre-cut opening. This is a good option for more customized sinks, but also means replacement can be more difficult. This type of sink is also easier to keep clean, and makes it simpler to keep the area around the sink clean as well, since you can just sweep crumbs and other particles directly into the basin. The look is sleek and great for modernizing a kitchen space.

The Double-Basin Sink

If you don’t currently have a double-basin sink, we recommend making the change two the double-basin, which makes for easier workflow. You may have to expand the space the sink takes up (which is where an undermount is helpful) to accommodate this.

The Apron Sink

This is also called a farmhouse sink, which gives you some idea of the rustic charm that this type of sink can bring to a kitchen. This type of sink removes the counter space at the front of the sink and has the sink material extend over it as an apron, which is usually lower than the counter space to the sides of the sink. People tend to like this type of sink as a design choice—it can make a huge change to the look of a kitchen and compliments retro-traditional styles. They can often hold much larger, deeper pans and cookware than other sinks.

The Prep Sink

As you might tell from the name, this is an additional sink rather than the main one. Prep sinks are often located on islands (or separate bars) and are an excellent idea when you are planning to significantly enlarge the kitchen. If you do a large amount of cooking and entertaining, you may find a prep sink an invaluable addition to your kitchen space. It’s also one of the better types of sinks to increase the value of a home through the kitchen remodel.

When you schedule your kitchen remodel in Brentwood, CA with our team, you’ll have the best designers working on the project from the start. They’ll help you with important choices such as determining the ideal new sink.

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