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Shower Technologies to Consider in Your New Bathroom

rainfall-shower-hot-steamYou may have never really thought of what type of options were available to turn your shower into an experience from the future—until it’s time for a remodel. Suddenly, you find out that there is a whole world of options for shower tiles, handles, doors, and so much more. But today, we’re focused on those shower upgrades that can make your shower unlike any you’ve ever imagined.

Check out some of the newest shower gadgets and fixtures that will make your shower the talk of all your guests. Comfort and convenience is at your control when you remodel your bathroom this year.

Digital Controls

You’ve heard of smart thermostats, but what about smart showers? Now, smart showers are available from many of the top brands in plumbing fixtures, such as Moen and Kohler. You can warm up your shower as soon as you wake up in the morning, program a preferred setting, and customize settings for each member of the household. You could even customize the length of the shower and automatically start and pause to save water.

Steam Shower

Have you always dreamed of having a spa within a few feet of your own bedroom? Modern showers have a way of making that dream come true. A luxury built-in steam shower lets you sit down on an in-shower bench and relax as the water vapor pours over your entire body. Digital controls are located inside of the shower, and a steam head (or several) quickly fills up the space.

Shower Speaker

We all love to sing in the shower from time-to-time, but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to entertain yourself. With a built-in shower speaker, you can let a professional bring the music in. Bluetooth technology and smart home equipment allows you to change the station or artist by asking your device aloud!

Towel Warming Drawer

What will they come up with next? You may be asking—but towel warmers were once quite common in midcentury homes. A heated vent on the wall allowed you to heat up the towels—but it wasn’t the most attractive way to do so (or the safest). Modern towel warmers are, of course, safer than before. In your bathroom remodel, you can get a towel warmer built into a drawer in the vanity to warm up your towels quickly without having an unsightly large vent in the middle of the wall.

Rain Shower Head

Finally, a rain shower head is something many of us have always dreamed of, but couldn’t make happen until remodeling a bathroom. A rain showerhead does mean changing the plumbing a bit. You may want to add a rain showerhead while keeping one or more lower showerheads or you might want that to be the sole shower option. Either way, you’ll love feeling like you just stepped into a perfectly warm tropical forest—especially if you’ve got all these other bathroom remodeling upgrades.

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