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Should I Hire a General Contractor?

kitchen-planningWhen you are considering a remodeling project for your home, one of the first questions you’ll ask is where you should hire a general contractor to take on the job. This might be easy to answer if you have no interest in a “do-it-yourself” project—and many people don’t—or you don’t want to deal with multiple contractors. But you may also enjoy the challenge of tackling the job on your own, or you feel you can save money by hiring separate contractors to do the work. Is this a good idea, or should you begin looking for general contractors in Calabasas, CA for the job?

Understanding the General Contractor’s Job

Before we go further, let’s make sure that you grasp what a general contractor does. The general contractor is a coordinator for various different subcontractors involved in the construction project, such as architects, builders, plumbers, and electricians. The general contractor has the overall goal of managing an efficient completion of the project and taking on most of the responsibility for getting it done. 

Choosing to go without a general contractor doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing the project entirely yourself, but rather that you will handle the coordination of the different subcontractors: hiring, paying, scheduling, etc.

Our Specific Approach 

We want to make clear what Advanced Builders & Contractors does as a general contractor. We remove the subcontractors from the equation and have all the services under one roof. This reduces the chance of misunderstandings and miscommunications and further smooths out the process. We know the best people for the job because we work with them. The teamwork is already in place, the red tape has already been cut.

So … Should You Hire a General Contractor?

Although there are simple remodeling jobs, such as only putting in some new cabinets, where you may be able to hire only a single contractor, for anything more complex you definitely want a general contractor to make the process easier, faster, and more effective. Consider a bathroom remodel:

  • This job needs multiple subcontractors: plumbers, electricians, designers, builders.
  • The work will take far more than a few days. The more time involved, the more helpful a general contractor is, and consequently the less time the final project will take.
  • Local codes are important with bathroom construction, mostly because of the plumbing. General contractors are invaluable when it comes to handling the bureaucratic side of any project—and this certainly isn’t something you want to handle on your own.

Yes, we are going to emphasize our own qualifications here, because we aren’t just any general contractors. We are a full-service construction company that can handle jobs from small bathroom remodels to full new home hillside construction. Any project starts with our designers and goes all the way through to the end with any permits and paperwork needed for the final outcome. 

When you work with us, you’re getting something better than a standard general contractor. You’ll have the results you need with none of the headaches, time loss, and extra money spent.

Advanced Builders & Contractors has served the Los Angeles Area for over 16 years. Request an estimate today.

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