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Shelving Options for Remodeling the Bathroom

bathroom-lots-of-spaceIn our last post, we discussed one of the biggest trends in kitchen remodeling: open shelving. Shelving and storage are essential for any room remodel, and kitchens require special planning to find the ideal way to create a new storage space.

But storage and shelving are important in bathrooms as well. With much less space available, shelving in a bathroom can be tricky. How can you maximize storage in a bathroom remodel while also creating a pleasant appearance and convenience for household members?

Some shelving choices don’t fall under remodeling, such as an over-the-toilet ladder or nailing up a hanging basket on the wall. What we’re looking at are the major changes you can make to shelving when you have a contractor do a large-scale bathroom remodel. This is a great opportunity to create something new for the space.

The open cabinet

This is similar to the open shelving concept for kitchens, and is most beneficial for larger master bathrooms where there’s significant space on the sides of the countertop. The open shelves are good if you’re interested in creating an attractive design and have enough storage space under the counter for less eye-pleasing items.

Recessed shelving

Here is a design concept that gives you more shelving space without using up the already existing space. In fact, recessed shelving is an expansion of the bathroom that creates a large look for the room.

One specific type of recessed shelving to consider is recess glass shelving over the tub. As part of redesigning the bathtub and shower, the remodeling can put shelves over the tub in a nook. It’s a wonderful luxury look.

Large wooden shelves

Another example of opening shelving to create a specific look in the bathroom. Using wood to off-set tile, marble, and ceramic parts of the bathroom gives the space a warmer, country-house feeling.

Shelving designed for baskets

The storage basket is one of the most popular options for organization in homes, replacing drawers and allowing for the easy change of appearance. A designer can create a nook specifically for holding standard-sized baskets. One of the advantages of this is that you have the look of open shelving, but without the mess of items that might be cluttered.

The dining room buffet look

Imagine one of the buffet cabinets from your dining room redesigned and placed into the bathroom. Take off the glass doors, fit in a space between the shower and sink, and you have open shelving that adds elegance.

Of course, there are plenty of other concepts for bathroom shelving and storage. When you work with our designers and architects, they’ll help you sort out the different looks and find what will match your new bathroom. We want to make this an enjoyable process for you, where you discover the exact way you would like your bathroom to look. We offer bathroom remodeling in Calabasas, CA as well as all other types of remodeling and construction.

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