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Selling Your Home? Here Are Recommended Remodeling Projects

yellow-hardhat-leather-glovesWe handle all types of home and room remodeling jobs. For many projects, our clients are looking to make improvements to a home they plan to spend many more years in. But one of the most common reasons homeowners arrange for remodeling is because they are planning to sell their house and want to increase its appeal to buyers and raise the market value.

You’ll need an excellent general contractor in Beverly Hills, CA to ensure you have the right remodeling work done to get the highest return on investment—including which projects are the best to focus on. To get you started thinking about how you want to upgrade your house for the market, here are some remodeling projects we recommend.

New kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is at the center of most homes, and with the open kitchen design that’s popular today, it invites in more of the rest of the house than ever before. This is why making improvements to the kitchen can bring a great ROI. New cabinetry is one of the best ways to give the kitchen a fresh look, even if you don’t plan to remodel the whole kitchen.

New kitchen counter tops

Does your kitchen have old laminate counter tops? You can boost the look as well as usefulness of the kitchen by putting in stone counter tops, tile counter tops, or particle board counter tops.

Change to an island kitchen

The island kitchen is one of the most popular contemporary kitchen designs. An island kitchen gives more storage space and room for additional appliances, and it helps to create the open appearance that’s so appealing to house-hunters.

Upgrades on bathroom fixtures

The bathrooms may not seem like the flashiest of ways to improve your house for sale, but bathrooms do matter to buyers. And what they’ll see first are the fixtures such as the sink and shower. Replacing an old pedestal sink without much storage room below it or on it with a new design like a vessel sink can make a big difference. Changing out a tub-shower with a shower curtain for a walk-in shower is also an excellent upgrade to the bathroom that increases its appeal.

Removing walls

You may have an older house that feels dark and cramped because it was designed with many small rooms. To provide “breathing” space as well as more light and the sense of a bigger interior, have your building contractor remove walls. The contractor can help you with making the choices for where opening up parts of the house by subtracting walls will be most beneficial.


Buyers today look to faux hardwood floors rather than older laminate or carpeted floors—so if it’s in your budget, we recommend having faux hardwood flooring put in.

How much remodeling you want or need depends on the house and your budget. When you work with our remodeling team, who handle everything from complete new home construction to basic bathroom upgrades, you’ll know right where to focus your energy and money. Ask about our current promotions to find the best ways to remodel and save.

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