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A Second Story for Your House? Let’s Talk About It!

father-and-son-outside-two-story-houseWhen it comes to creating more space in your home, there’s no project that can add more square footage than a second-story addition. You may have considered this possibility before, but dismissed it as either impossible or out of your reach.

Please don’t let go of the idea of a second story so fast! We’ve worked on many second story additions and other expansions to homes, such as a project for a Los Angeles family where we added an additional 2,200 square feet of living space to their house so their family could grow. Often this is a much better investment than purchasing a new home. If you love where you live, but there aren’t many options on for-sale homes in the area, a second story is a great alternative to attempting to move.

We’d love to talk to you about what we can do for your home with our remodeling and other construction services.

Adding a Second Story

Let’s take a closer look at the second-story addition. People often have many questions about this project, and we’ll answer a few of them as best we can in this space. For specifics regarding your home, call us to schedule an appointment and estimate.

“Can I do a full second story or only a partial one?”

You can either. A second-story addition can be as flexible as any room addition. For example, a popular choice for clients is to only add a new room over the garage. (This is common if you already have a second story and a garage that extends out from the house.) You can choose to only add a new master bedroom. Or you can have a complete new second story.

“Can I still live in my house during a second-story construction?”

It depends on the size of the job. If the construction is only to add on a room over the garage, then living in your house during the work is usually no issue. Some other partial additions will allow you to use parts of your home, such as the kitchen and a few bedrooms, so you’ll have to make some different living plans to accommodate the period of construction.

“Will the new story match the style of my current home?”

You’re probably imagining some bizarre blocky monstrosity dropped down onto the top of your house that doesn’t look anything like the Mediterranean or Craftsman style you so adore. With a less experienced and reliable building contractor, you might be in danger of getting something crude like this, or even an outcome that’s less obviously an architectural mismatch but still doesn’t look right. However, we have architects and designers on our team who specialize in style symmetry and creating a seamless look for your addition, no matter its size.

Let Us Expand Your House the Way You Want It

We’re the experienced contractor for home construction and home remodeling in Beverly Hills, CA. We handle all parts of the project under one roof with our design/build process. You’ll appreciate our teamwork and coordination—it means you’ll end up with the best results done on time.

Advanced Builders & Contractors is an award-winning Los Angeles contractor offering quality workmanship. Schedule an estimate today.

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