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Seasonal Home Remodeling and Construction Guide

tulips-in-springBecause Southern California experiences less extreme seasons during the year, we don’t have the same limitations on when it’s best to have specific home constructions and home remodeling in Beverly Hills, CA or other towns done. Trying to get a major construction project completed “before the winter snows start” is obviously not something we need to worry about!

However, there are still seasonal guidelines that can help you focus on your future plans for remodeling. You may not have a major remodel in mind right at the moment, but looking forward over the next year you can get a general idea of when is best to have specific jobs done. We’re going to go over the seasons below and discuss remodeling options, which can help give you ideas for future home improvements.

The Summer

The most extreme weather conditions for SoCal are in the summer, when the heat gets intense. This probably isn’t the right time to convert the attic into a usable space. The heat in an attic can climb to 130°F on sunny days. Large-scale outdoor work is also best reserved for cooler times of the year. But summer is definitely a good time to think about kitchen and bathroom remodeling. If you plan to vacation for a long period away from your house, this may be the ideal time to tackle a kitchen remodel, which can cause disruption to your daily routine.

The Fall

The cooler temperatures of fall make it appealing for outdoor remodeling jobs and home additions. However, there can be a time crunch involved, since homeowners usually don’t want a fall project to go into the end of the year when the holiday season starts and guest are likely to come over. It’s also essential to have a professional contractor who handles every step of the project so you’ll have solid schedules set up and the work completed on time.

The Winter

In colder climates, the ground turns hard in winter, and this makes work a bit easier for foundation building. That’s not an issue we deal with, and winter is as flexible as the fall—at least once the holidays are over. A big benefit of winter is that it’s often a less crowded season for the schedules of contractors and may work well for getting a big project started.

The Spring

This is when most homeowners opt to have remodeling projects done, and the season can get busy for contractors. This is the time when people are most likely to look into full home construction, or fun additions they’re looking forward to for the summer, like a sunroom conversion, a California room, a patio, a deck, a pool area.

No matter when you’re considering your new home remodeling or construction project, we’re the contractor to trust. All design and construction services are under one roof, allowing us to streamline a project and have it done on time and budget. Call us to arrange for an estimate on the project you have in mind.

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