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Room Additions Gone Wrong! Why You Should Only Hire the Best

man-looking-out-windowYou can find dozens of contractors willing to provide you with an estimate and quote when you’re looking to expand your home with a room addition. Room additions are an excellent way to increase your home’s square footage without the hassles and costs of moving to a new house. Properly done, a room addition gives you space to grow in your house.

Unfortunately, if you have a room addition done by a contractor without experience or one who subcontracts out parts of the job to less-than-reputable people, you can end up with a room addition that’s not only underwhelming, but which may ruin the overall look of your house!

We’re going to examine what can go wrong with a room addition if it’s left to an inadequate contractor.

The addition is in the wrong place

When you start thinking about a room addition, you’ll probably already have an idea where you want it to go. This might not be the right place for it, however. A qualified contractor with both design and construction experience can help you determine the ideal spot for the addition so it flows with both the interior and exterior, keeps the house within code, and is positioned so it’s easy to connect it to electricity, plumbing, etc. The most obvious mistake you’ll see with an amateur add-on is that it’s placed at the front of the house where it throws off the entire balance of the building.

The addition is oversized

There’s a difference in getting the square footage extension you want for your home and having an addition that’s simply too big for the rest of the house. Beautiful homes have proper placement of “masses” to create a balanced look on the outside. Poorly balanced houses are a relic of the low-cost “McMansions” of the ‘80s—many of which still haunt suburban neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. To avoid having your lovely house accidentally transformed into a “McMansion” because of badly planned additions, always work with professionals who have plenty of design and architectural experience.

The addition is made of the wrong material

This one is a real nightmare—and it’s unfortunately far too common. A room addition must use materials to match with the rest of the house on the outside and inside, otherwise it will stick out and throw off the look of the house. It’s not a simple task to match material, especially for an older home. It requires architects and designers with a good eye for details and knowledge of where to find the best materials to make the match.

When you are looking for a room addition in Encino, CA, we’re the professional contractor to turn to. We handle all parts of the job, from the design to the finishing touches, so that you end up with exactly what you’re looking for. We’re an award-winning company, licensed and insured, and have an A+ rating as a general contractor from the BBB.

Advanced Builders & Contractors is a licensed and insured Los Angeles contractor offering exceptional customer service. Schedule an estimate today.

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