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Is a Room Addition Right for Your Property?

new-room-additionYou’re not stuck with a smaller home forever. You may decide to move someday to get the space you’ve always dreamed of for you and your family. Or, you may go for a less expensive route. There’s nothing like home-sweet-home, but you can make your home even sweeter by making room for more.

Still, it’s a lot to think about. Should you invest in a new room addition now? Or should you save for a larger home later? We’ve got some information so that you can find out whether a new room addition is the best choice for your house.


We don’t want to underexaggerate the financial investment that goes into a new room addition. You will need to spend money, and you should plan for more than you may think originally. Often, things come up, and trouble with plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work can add to the cost.

Still, we don’t need to point out that it’s considerably cheaper than getting a new larger house. If your family is expanding or if you’re simply at a point financially where you can make these decisions, a room addition will be a better option, and you’ll get to keep the home you already love.


You would not add a new room to a home just to raise the market value. You won’t exactly get a return on investment for this addition, so it’s not worth it if you’re planning to move very soon. However, it’s certainly going to add on to the value of your home, which will only mature with time. If you plan to sell your home in 5 years or more, you’ll get to spend that time enjoying your new room addition, and you’ll get more out of the resale value when you do choose to put your home on the market.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a new room of your home won’t be either. Planning alone can take several weeks. You’ll need to file for the right permits, hire your team, order supplies, and create a schedule and cost estimate so that the project stays on track. You can count on the job taking several months, or more, so be sure to plan for the time you’ll need. It’s possible you’ll need to make alternate accommodations for your family as well. In some cases, parents of young kids decide to wait until their children are older and can handle the change.

Other Options

Of course, a new room addition may not be your only option if you’re tired of the layout of your home. Perhaps it really is time for new home construction, or maybe you’d like to look into other neighborhoods. Of course, you can always focus on existing parts of the home for a remodel.

If it’s square footage you’re after, rather than an extra room, there may be a better way to add-on. A bump-out addition in a kitchen or bathroom, for example, can give you the space you need without such a major cost investment. Ask your contractor about the options you’re considering for more information.

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