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Rethink Your Bathroom Décor for a Spacious Remodel

Many homeowners have one goal in mind when it comes to a remodel. Often, the main goal is space—expanding the square footage of the bathroom so people have more room to move around and get ready in the mornings.

If space is the goal for your bathroom remodel, don’t neglect the other elements that bring a bathroom together. Here are three reasons you should rethink your entire décor scheme if you really want to take advantage of an opportunity to remodel.

A Larger Bathroom Can Still Feel Cluttered

Even if you expand the amount of space in your bathroom, it may still feel cluttered when you are done if you don’t make some major changes to the way you decorate and fill the space. Sit with a contractor and discuss ideas to rework a space to make sure you get a bathroom that is relaxing and calming rather than busy and cluttered.

This may mean you need to rethink the storage space or even store some things outside of the bathroom. It may mean mounting faucets to the walls or choosing a smaller vanity that doesn’t feel intrusive as you walk in. The possibilities are endless!

You Don’t Need a Traditional Layout

You are likely used to a standard bathroom layout: a sink or two, a toilet, a bathtub, and a shower. But this is not necessarily the right layout for every bathroom, especially if you are trying to create space. Adding square footage may not be enough to offset the footprint of your bathtub—and you may not even need it!

Eliminating the bathtub is an easy way to save space. You can also consider non-traditional versions of standard bathroom fixtures, like toilets or sinks that mount to the wall and open shelving instead of under-sink storage.

The Right Décor Makes a Bathroom Welcoming

You may be adding on space to your bathroom, but if you choose uninspired or dark colors and outdated fixtures and features, it may not feel as though you’ve made a positive change. Your local contractors can talk you through recent trends in bathroom remodeling and help you find a layout and color scheme that works for your home and family. Change it up to get the most out of your bathroom remodel!

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