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Bathroom Remodeling With an Eye Toward Water Conservation

showerhead-dripping-close-upWhen you plan to remodel a bathroom in your home, it’s probably for multiple reasons—improving property value, updating to newest trends, accommodating for people with mobility issues, or because you want a fresher room to start your day.

But among your reasons for scheduling a bathroom remodel in Beverly Hills, CA with our team, have you considered the water-conservation possibilities? A remodel is an excellent time to take advantage of new fixtures to create a space that saves water, thus saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.

Below are a few things to consider when it comes to water-saving bathroom remodeling.

The Low-Flow Toilet

Low-flow toilets are the most straightforward way to receive the best water conserving results. There isn’t a single type of low-flow toilet. For example, you can choose to have a dual-flush toilet, which has two different flush buttons, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste, with the liquid waste button using less water.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: even though a toilet is as about as functional an item as people can imagine doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive and stylish model installed. Talk to our design experts about the choices available and how we can create an overall look for your bathroom that includes the toilet.

Focusing on the Bathtub

We need to talk about bathtubs. Taking a bath uses much more water than taking a shower. Even a ten-minute shower uses half the gallons of a standard bath. If you rarely take baths and don’t think you need one (and other people in your house are of the same mind), then making the change in the bathroom from a bathtub-shower combination to a walk-in shower is probably the best choice.

If you do enjoy baths—and they are a great way to relax—then consider how often you take them. If they’re a luxury you or others in the house indulge in only occasionally, then installing a special water-conserving bath won’t make much a huge difference. If you like to bathe almost every day, take a look at water-conserving baths, which are designed around the shape of the human body to maximize how much water is necessary to soak a person.

The Water-Saving Showerhead

The shower is often the big item people want changed during the remodel: changing to a walk-in shower, expanding shower space, new tiles, new showerhead configurations, etc. There are numerous options. And a water-saving showerhead is always an option for all the ways you may want to change the bathroom shower.

There are two distinct types of water-saving showerhead. One type is low-flow, which reduces the water pressure and then sends the water through smaller holes. The other is the aerating showerhead, which mixes the water with air to reduce the volume of water used. The types have different effects on the shower experience, so talk to our team about which one will work best for your household.

We can handle your entire bathroom remodel project—from the earliest planning to the final touches with lighting. Working with us assures meeting all the goals of the remodel, because we don’t use subcontractors and instead handle each step under one roof.

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