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Remodeling and the Kitchen Sink


A prep sink in a kitchen island and an apron-front or farmhouse sink for a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles.

There’s a common phrase used in the English language that refers to a large number of belongings: “Everything but the kitchen sink.” You might use this phrase if, say, you were moving out and had to pack up everything but the kitchen sink—almost quite literally. However, when you choose to remodel a home, rather than to move, it’s important to focus on everything, including the kitchen sink!

When you remodel your kitchen, you should take into account how the sink will fit in from the very beginning of the process. Some people already have a good idea of what type of sink they’d like from the get-go. Others need some time to talk the decision over. In any case, we think the following advice will help any homeowner deciding on what to do about the kitchen sink during a remodel.


It’s important to do thorough research and find images of any type of sink you may be considering. There’s more out there than you may realize:

  • Self-Rimming – This may be one of the most common types of sinks, but that’s only because it’s so easy to install in most kitchens. If you’re doing a complete remodel, you may consider another, more stylish and functional option. However, when inserting a sink into a prefabricated countertop, the self-rimming model has a border that easily fits over the counter and seals with an adhesive.
  • Flush Mount – For a more seamless look, you can find sinks that mount flush with the countertop (although a custom counter design may be necessary). Some sinks are even built into the countertop, especially those with a quartz surface.
  • Undermount – Sinks that mount underneath the counter are becoming more and more common. A sink that mounts underneath the hole in the countertop makes for easier cleanup and a seamless display.


When choosing the sink and faucet, we think convenience should be your top priority. That’s why we often recommend a flush mount or undermount, rather than a self rimming sink. It’s also important to choose a faucet that can move around the sink with ease, pull out for use as a spray nozzle, and leave plenty of room to stack dishes and place tall pots in the basin.

For additional convenience, you might want to consider a secondary kitchen sink! A prep sink is a small sink, often installed at a kitchen island or off to the side and out of the way, which can be stylish and quite practical. It fits into many kitchen designs


Should you go with two bowls or one? This varies from person to person, but make sure you’ve really thought it through! One bowl in the sink gives you plenty of room to work, while two bowls allows you to place dishes in one half and rinse vegetables in the other.

Your remodel cannot go smoothly if you don’t get a sink of the proper size! Finding the proper measurement is key to many parts of a kitchen remodel. Another key point is ensuring your sink has the proper amount of holes for the faucets, handles, and accessories you want. It’s easy to work out these logistics when you work with the right contractors for your kitchen remodel!

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