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Remodeling Ideas for the Small Kitchen

kitchen-new-remodelYou have a smaller kitchen than is common for most homes of its type. Maybe it was a deliberate design choice when the house was constructed, or it was a practical consideration. You might even like your small kitchen and not feel like expanding it to a larger one. But when it comes time to remodel your small kitchen, there are some excellent remodeling ideas that can help improve it and make it work better for you.

Make the small kitchen great at its job

Larger kitchens often serve multiple functions, such as social spaces, places for kids to do homework, or general workspaces for laundry and other jobs. A small kitchen can handle food preparation—that’s its one job. For a remodel, put the focus on making it great at that one job. Change the location of appliances to put them in easier reach, modify storage, cut down on the size of any space that doesn’t benefit meal prep.

Lighten the space with new lighting

Don’t overlook the power of lighting to improve a space! You can increase the sense of space in your kitchen with a few new lighting fixtures, such as placing incandescent lights under the cabinets when relying on an overhead fluorescent light. Pendant lights are an attractive option for bringing in work lights to highlight specific places. Floor lighting (such as toe-kick lights) are an increasingly popular choice for kitchens.

Change the floor

The floor is so important in a kitchen, and even more important for a small kitchen. Because you have a small space, you may be able to afford a high cost and beautiful marble floor. If you want environmentally friendly green flooring, this is a good place to put in a cork floor, a type that’s become popular with commercial and industrial kitchens.

Open shelving

The open shelving concept is a trendy design look for kitchens, but many people back away from it because of concerns about how it may make a space appear messy. With a small kitchen, open shelving is useful because it creates a great sense of space and opens up the area, without having to knock down a wall.

Actually make it larger

But you can go ahead and knock down a wall to enlarge the kitchen if that’s possible. You don’t have to settle for a small kitchen when there are remodeling methods to enlarge it. You can also use a bump-out to expand the kitchen outside of the house. If you want a multi-use kitchen, there are dozens of ways for professional remodelers to help you achieve this goal.

For more ideas and to schedule great kitchen remodeling in Hidden Hills, CA, make an appointment with our team. We are a full-service design/build contractor who handles all steps of the remodeling process, from the first plans all the way through putting the final touches with light fixtures. We have created many award-winning designs and have worked on projects of all sizes and types.

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