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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Don’t Forget These Important Lighting Considerations

lightbulb-standing-upWhen you arrange to have your bathroom remodeled, you’ll have plenty you need to consider, such as the layout, what new fixtures you want to put in, whether you’re interested in having a walk-in shower, how to design the storage, what materials to use for counters and floors, sink style, etc. If that sounds like a lot, it is! This is one of the many reasons you shouldn’t undertake a bathroom remodel on your own or rely on inexperienced contractors. An experienced contractor who handles all remodeling rather than using various subcontractors can help you achieve the results you want with your remodel.

One element you may not have considered at first as important for remodeling a bathroom is the lighting. The lighting in any room in a house is crucial, and the bathroom is no exception, but people often leave it off their list of important design features. Let’s look at some aspects of bathroom lighting to consider.

Functional lighting

Although creating an attractive bathroom is one of the best parts of remodeling it, this is one of the most functional rooms in a house and needs to have lighting that makes it easy to use. This is, after all, where you’ll probably start and end each day. To make the bathroom both safe and accessible, it must have task lighting. These are the lights designed to let you do specific tasks. In a bathroom, task lighting is most important at the sink so you can see what you’re doing as well as see yourself in the mirror. There should also be some task lighting for the shower/tub. The trick with task lighting is to make the lights functional without making them glaring or clash with the rest of the lighting scheme. 

Natural lighting

Not all bathrooms have natural light coming through windows, but for those that have access to an outer wall, this is one of the best light sources. It’s easy to overlook this when designing the space for privacy, but there are some excellent methods to allow in natural light without opening up the room too much. For example, you may be able to put in a skylight—these are terrific for bathrooms. Ask your remodeler about some of the best ways to draw natural light in the space.

Fill-in lights

This is the overall ambient lighting of the bathroom, and it will help create the ambiance and overall attractiveness of the space. If you have good task lighting, you won’t necessarily need powerful fill-in lights such as strong overheads. Softer and more diffuse lighting can create a useful space that doesn’t have harsh glares. A dimmer switch for this light will give you control over the general ambiance of the space.

When you’re thinking of bathroom remodeling in Calabasas, CA, we are the experienced contractor to call. We do full design/build to shepherd your project from start to finish. 

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