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Remodeling a Small Bathroom? Keep It Simple

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you might have a lot of ideas planned out in your head—until you realize how little space is available in the room. Maybe it’s too difficult to expand out the space, or maybe it’s not in the budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an elegant bathroom that will impress your guests and provide the relaxing atmosphere and the utility you need.

There are many ways to go about remodeling a bathroom that has few square feet, but some of the best advice we can give is to keep it simple!

Choose classic bathroom fixtures

You don’t want to pick large bathroom fixtures that take up space in the room and make it difficult to maneuver around the space. Go with a classic pedestal sink if you really need more space, and keep towel storage and other necessities in a cabinet right outside of the bathroom or in a corner shelf, rather than under the sink. Go with a standard shower size, and consider eliminating the tub and substituting glass doors to make it appear as if there’s more space.

Decide which bathroom upgrade you want the most

Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on luxuries completely, though it might mean you cannot have every bathroom upgrade you’ve found in home remodeling magazines. Pick the feature you really want—a spa-like tub, for example—and simplify the rest.

Add some fun into the décor

You can still make your bathroom remodel fun and unique with simple touches that speak to your style. Add a pop of color with a brightly colored sink. Find a vintage vanity mirror at a thrift store. Choose white marble instead of tile for a look of luxury. The choices are nearly limitless, and they don’t have to take up space.

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