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A Remodel for Working From Home? We Have Ideas!

kitchen-work-from-homeWorking from home is now a reality for millions of more people than it was just this time last year. (Amazing that it’s already been a year!) A complete work from home revolution occurred before most people were prepared for it, and many workers ended up in environments that weren’t quite right for them. 

Although plenty have found ways to adjust, if working from home looks like the long-term future for you even when the present troubles have passed, you may want to consider some home remodeling ideas that will make your new occupational lifestyle more pleasant and involve fewer distractions. 

Create a Home Office Space

Psychologically, people work better in a space dedicated to their job, rather than dual-function. For example, it’s generally not a great idea to sleep in the same room where you work—that bed is too tempting for a midday nap that might end up taking hours. 

You can try to change one room to be the home office by moving around furniture, but a better permanent solution is to remodel a room into an actual home office. Take a guest bedroom, an unused recreational space, or any other room that isn’t getting the best use, and have a professional remodel it into a place where work is the best activity for the space—a space that makes you want to work. 

Separate the Children From the Work Area

You may already have a good space to work from, except the outside distractions of your life, i.e. the kids, have too easy access to it or it’s often a traffic lane. Creating a new play area for the children, or remodeling a family and recreational room that’s more removed from the work area and therefore likely to draw distractions away from it can be helpful. This is where a garage conversion or a full add-on room can be especially helpful.

Remodel Another Room So You Can Also Work From There

A dedicated workspace can be great. But so can flexible workspaces in other parts of the house. If you find that you’re often a migratory worker within your home, why not remodel one of those rooms to be in an office nook? 

By far the most popular spot for this is to add a work section into a kitchen remodel. If you spend plenty of time in the kitchen to supervise other tasks, or simply because it’s at the center of the house, remodel to add a desk niche. Make this part of overall kitchen remodeling in Beverly Hills, CA and you’ll get a two-fer with your remodel. 

Talk to Remodeling Professionals

The art of remodeling for something as important as making a house more friendly for work-from-home is something to leave to an experienced contractor. Our team can handle all parts of your remodel, whether it’s a room conversion to create a new office or a kitchen remodel to meet your new occupational routine. 

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