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Remodel a Small Bathroom So It Feels Larger—Or Make It Larger!

bathroom-green-tileOver the past few decades, a major design trend has changed the way residential bathrooms are constructed. Bathrooms were once designed as small spaces that could be easily tucked between the larger rooms in a house. The bathroom contained enough space to fit in a sink, toilet, and shower/tub combo, with only a small amount of floor space to move between them. Today, bathrooms are larger, more friendly and open spaces, often with double-sinks and larger, luxury showers.

What can you do for a bathroom remodel to create a greater sense of space? Or create actual space? Working with a skilled remodeling contractor will help you find the best methods for enlarging your bathroom.

Actually making the bathroom bigger

If you have the budget for it, the first option to consider is physically enlarging the bathroom. For ground-floor bathrooms, the space can be expanded to the exterior of the home with an addition. For second-story bathrooms or first floor bathrooms with no outdoor area available, remodelers can expand the bathroom into nearby spaces, such as removing a closet from a bedroom, expanding into a pantry, or entirely taking over the space of smaller bedrooms. Expert remodelers can find the most effective techniques to give you the bigger space you want.

Built-in storage

Any bathroom needs storage, but those cabinets currently in the room can eat up too much space. Built-in storage such as sunken shelves in the walls will free up parts of the room. You can also have a pedestal sink installed once you have your storage needs removed from under the sink.

Install smaller fixtures

Older homes are often burdened with fixtures that are larger than necessary. We’ve already mentioned using a pedestal sink to replace a standard undermount or overmount sink. You can also replace the toilet with a pressure toilet the doesn’t have a back tank and remove the bathtub/shower combination for a standing shower (which is a popular option for newer homes).

New lighting design and lighter material

Here’s a budget-friendly choice—redoing room lighting. If your bathroom currently has dim illumination, adding better lighting will make the space feel much bigger. It’s also a good idea to couple the new lighting with lighter construction material. Take out that old dark wood and put in more whites. White doesn’t have to be a boring look for a bathroom! There are many different materials and patterns designers can use to liven up a small bathroom.

Use mirrors

It’s all done with mirrors, as they say in stage magic. Mirrors can work magic on your bathroom as well. Not only do larger mirrors give the illusion of larger space, they also help with improving light reflection.

You undoubtedly have many questions about planning a bathroom remodel in Encino, CA. We have all the suggestions and answers you need. We are licensed and insured and offer exceptional customer service. We offer all remodeling and construction services under a single roof so each of our customers receives the results they’re looking for.

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