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Remodel for a Low Maintenance Bathroom

The bathroom is, of course, not a room you could do away with. But sometimes, you wish you didn’t have to care for it so often.

Cleaning and maintaining a bathroom can be tough work. It can be difficult to keep a bathroom looking shiny and new when you have kids or a busy lifestyle. Plus, bathroom plumbing components can run into a lot of problems over time, simply because they get more use than other plumbing components in your home.

That’s why we want to offer you this guide to an easy-to-maintain bathroom. Call our team for more bathroom remodeling tips.

Choose the Right Surfaces

For someone who hates cleaning, grout lines can be a nightmare. It’s best to eliminate grout wherever you can. That may mean sheet vinyl or laminate for the floors, and solid panels for the shower walls. Or, at least use larger tiles to minimize the amount of grout in your bathroom.

Embrace the Modern Minimalist Style

Having less in your bathroom means there’s less to clean. Of course, you can’t get rid of the basics: toilet, sink, shower, and in some cases, the bathtub. But you can reduce the area these take up.

It can be tough to clean at the bottom of the toilet or at the base of sinks and faucets. Luckily, wall-mounted toilets and floating sinks are an option for the modern remodeler. Wall-mounted faucets are also a good idea. Replacing traditional fixtures and eliminating shelving and other extras gives you a minimalist style your guests will admire.

Reconsider Shower Doors

Challenge what you know about the traditional shower setup. A wet room is a bathroom without shower doors. You don’t have to worry about any barriers getting in the way of your cleaning. Water moves easily towards the drain in your shower and your bathroom is bigger and brighter as well. If a wet room is not for you, you could also go frameless with shower doors that don’t have an aluminum frame, which is where mildew and soap scum often collect.

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