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Remodel Your Bathroom Like a Spa Getaway

People remodel their bathrooms for many reasons. You might do it primarily because your family is expanding and you need more space. You might hope to get a return on your investment. Or you might simply be looking for a change of scenery. No matter the reason, when you remodel the bathroom, you hope to enjoy the renovations. Why not make it into the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of?

We know that spa-like equipment isn’t the right fit for every bathroom. And, of course, you likely don’t have enough space to have that dream sauna experience. But we think most bathroom remodels can benefit from at least a little bit of luxury. It goes a long way!

Get a Deep-Soaking Tub

Nothing says relaxation quite like a deep-soaking tub. Some modern tubs have spa-like jets that allow you to relax in style, but we don’t think you have to go so lavish if you want your own mini spa experience. Instead, combine your deep soaking tub experiences with low lighting, light music, and perhaps a tray set atop the tub to hold beverages and soaps.

The good news is that a deep soaking tub does not have to take up so much space. Many people would gladly give up some of the length of a tub in exchange for the ability to feel submerged, so you may be able to fit this into even smaller bathroom remodels.

Focus on Lighting

Not everything in a spa has to do with warm water. Dimmable lights are part of what can take your relaxation time to the next level. Of course, you can always sprinkle the room with candles as an accent, but use this to add to the scent of the room. Lights that dim—especially with the option to dim directly over the tub—set the mood for your day or evening.

Consider Simple Upgrades During Your Remodel

During a remodel, consider making simple switches. A vessel sink has the feel of a calming outdoor fountain, for example, and can add to the overall “zen” of your bathroom. Then, of course, there’s the rainfall showerhead, or even the option of having multiple showerheads. Trading up to faux-wood tiles can add to that spa-like feel, as can adding a backsplash to the sink.

Reduce Clutter

If you’ve got baskets of soap on top of the toilet, toothpaste tubes on the counter, and a bunch of hair ties hanging from the doorknob, it’s simply not going to be as relaxing a space as you’d like. Finding a different space for some items and storing things not in use will help reduce stress.

Consider a Spacious Shower

For some people, the mark of luxury is a spa-like tub. But if you cannot fit this into your bathroom, or it just doesn’t seem like the ideal, move on to the next best thing. We recommend against a tub and shower combination. This makes it awkward to step into for simple showers and ruins the aesthetic and ease-of-use a spa-like bathroom achieves.

Instead, find a position for your shower that gives you plenty of room to move around. A walk in shower with a bench off to the side and a rainfall showerhead would be our pick!

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