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Reasons to Consider a Walk-In Shower for Your Bathroom Remodel

rainfall-shower-hot-steamYou’ve decided on a bathroom remodel, but you aren’t certain yet of all the changes you want to make. That’s fine—with so many options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the early stages. That’s why when you plan a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, CA, it’s best to call on our team from the start. We work on all stages of a remodel, starting with the design phase where we’ll help you make key decisions, such as the one we’re looking at today: choosing to put in a walk-in shower to replace an older tub-shower combo.

You may have your own reasons for thinking about changing to the walk-in shower. Below we’ll explore the best advantages of a walk-in shower in a new bathroom.

  • It’s easier to clean: Why would this be? Well, the porcelain of a bathtub is harder to keep clean than the tile (or other material) you select for the walk-in shower. Another is there are fewer crevices and creases. Wiping down the shower is a breeze when the tub portion is gone.
  • Space flexibility: You probably don’t have much room to work with when you remodel your bathroom, unless you’re expanding it into another space adjacent to it. A walk-in shower has a small footprint than a tub-shower. You can also make it different shapes so it fits into corners or other places of the remodeled space that a standard shower and tub could not fit.
  • Great for mobility issues: If you have people in your home with mobility issues, such as those who must use a wheelchair, the walk-in shower is almost a necessity. Getting in and out of the shower is much easier and far safer.
  • Reduced number of clogs: This may seem strange to find out. Why would having a walk-in shower cause any less hair or soap scum to go down the drain and create clogs? The reason is the slow-drain of the large amount of water in a bathtub makes it easier for clogs to form. The walk-in shower has much more direct removal of water.
  • Longevity: You can expect a longer life from a walk-in shower because it endures less wear and tear. After all, if it’s easier to clean, there’s much less opportunity for mold and mildew to get their nasty claws into it. They also use fewer parts than regular bathtub showers, and you can select construction material like various stones that are extremely durable.
  • Stylish: Finally, walk-in showers simply look more attractive and modern in bathrooms. You have more to work with, and the new shower creates a sense of more space, which is especially helpful in small bathroom remodels.

The new shower in your bathroom is truly the centerpiece of the remodeling—it’s what the eye goes to first, and it’s a true “luxury item” that makes starting and ending your day more enjoyable. Work with our team and we’ll help you with the best new shower ideas for your remodeled bathroom.

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