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Realistic Expectations for Remodeling a Kitchen or Bathroom

We know that any homeowner has certain expectations going into a remodel. And, for the most part, you assume that everything will go smoothly. As remodeling contractors, we always strive to make it so that the job goes according to plan. But we know better than anyone that, sometimes, you have to expect the unexpected.

It takes time, money, and a lot of work

We’ve seen the television shows. A working mom has a thousand dollar budget and only a couple of days to remodel her entire living room, and a film crew documents the efforts to get the job done. But this is simply unrealistic for most remodels.

To properly remodel a bathroom, for example, you need to make sure that all of the fixtures and pipes are installed securely and according to local codes, which can also mean you have to submit documentation to the proper local authorities before you can proceed if you make any structural changes. This task alone involves careful planning and it’s not something you can just skip over.

Quality work takes time, and, of course, a sufficient budget for the materials and labor. Don’t choose a contractor that quotes you a low amount of time for a job, as this means they may not be willing to do meticulous work.

Expect the unexpected

It may be a problem if you only set aside the exact amount of money you would need for the job, and if you plan to have your home back within the estimated time. Things come up in the middle of a job, such as finding out that old pipes need replacement or discovering that your home has structural damages you were not aware of. Be sure you have an overflow on your budget, just in case, and prepare for any remodel to potentially take days or even weeks longer than expected should something go wrong.

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