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How Quickly Can You Renovate a Bathroom?

Bathroom-Remodel-Spa-BenchRenovating a bathroom is a stressful time for a homeowner. Even with all of the planning out of the way and the contractors at work, you’re missing a part of your home that you’ve always expected to have use of. It’s an inconvenience that makes some homeowners anxious to finish the job.

You may feel as though a fast renovation is what you’re after if you’re remodeling a bathroom in your home. But it’s important to give it some time, as a bathroom remodel is one job you don’t want to rush.

Bathroom remodeling takes time

The fact of the matter is that remodeling a bathroom will take up your time. It starts with planning and obtaining permits, consulting with your contractor to ensure you have the costs and materials outlined, and clearing out the room for demolition. These first steps are often the ones homeowners are most surprised to discover can take up a lot of time.

Demolition takes several days, as do projects like installing flooring, adding tilework, hanging drywall, and doing electrical work. The entire process takes time, but that means you won’t be seeing shoddy workmanship or making renovations in only a short matter of time.

You should expect potential time delays

During demolition, it’s possible that contractors will discover a code violation, a ruptured pipe, dangerous electrical installations, or something else that requires prompt attention. They’ll have to stop work to correct these issues before moving on, and this can add on to the timeline somewhat (although most time estimates factor in these unexpected issues, to an extent).

Changed your mind about the style of cabinetry or the type of lighting around the mirror? Change orders are common in remodeling, but these can add days or even weeks to a contractor’s timeline. If they have to wait on new materials and adjust their own schedules, you cannot expect a change order to line up with the initial timeline.

Still, don’t trust a contractor who cannot offer an estimate

On the other hand, you shouldn’t trust the work to someone who cannot give you a good time range on when the work will be completed. If it seems as though a contractor is uncertain about the time for the scope of the work ahead, it’s likely due to a lack of experience. A quality contractor will devote time to your remodeling project and set aside hours to get the job done within a few months, if all goes well.

Here’s how to manage the time

We know it’s stressful to live in a home without a bathroom that’s been in use for years. When it’s the only bathroom there is, going without a bathroom for even a day will require you to move out. But chances are, your current stress is due to a second bathroom you’re likely all forced to share.

The way to cope is all about scheduling. Set time limits for showers, and work out schedules ahead of time to ensure that your family members respect each other’s space!

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