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What to Know about the Process of Adding a Bathroom

bathroom-tile-tubSo you’re considering adding a bathroom to the home. In the earliest stages, this seems like an exciting plan. But with just a little more time, the prospect of a bathroom addition can become quite daunting. If you’re at this point, we understand, but we want to reassure you of this: with the right contractors working to organize and execute your room renovation or addition, it’s a whole lot easier.

Still, there are some things you need to know when you’re going into the process of a bathroom addition. Don’t finalize any plans for your new bathroom until you read our advice or call our team!

Plan to Stay Awhile Longer

Adding a bathroom can tack on some value to your home. However, the amount of value it adds may not be worth it if you don’t plan to stay awhile. It’s highly unlikely that the amount you receive as a return on investment will actually offset what you put into the addition. In some cases, ½ bathroom additions have been known to raise the value of the home by as much as 10%, but this is not guaranteed by any means.

A bathroom addition is certainly worth it if you’ve always wanted an extra bathroom for guests, or if you and your family members tend to bicker over bathroom availability. The primary reason to choose a new bathroom should be convenience—something you want for yourself rather than for the new owners. Plan to stay in your home for at least another 5 years to get the most out of your investment.

You May Need More Space than You Realize

Make sure that you have the right amount of space available for your new bathroom. The minimum space you’ll need for a half bathroom is 11 ft2, and a full bath will of course require more space. Whether you do a bump-out addition or take away space from another room, it’s important to consider space above all else. If you do decide to go with the bare minimum, it may not be comfortable to use.

It’s often helpful to put a new bathroom near a kitchen or laundry room, somewhere where plumbing pipes are already nearby. A plumber will have an easier time renovating the pipes and keeping the plumbing up to code.

Expect the Unexpected (in Terms of Cost)

You might have read online that a new bathroom costs about $10,000-$25,000. However, you should realize that this number can vary significantly. The quote your contractor gives you is not the final word. In fact, a good contractor should let you know that there’s a high chance the number will change, depending on whether there are any change orders.

Sometimes, unexpected plumbing problems show up that are out of the contractors’ control. They may find out that the pipes are in need of replacement before they can move on with the work, or that existing pipes are not within building codes. Set aside extra money so that you’re not forced to quit in the middle of building!

Get help with your new room addition in Los Angeles from the licensed and insured contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors.

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