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Breaking Down Popular Room Addition Ideas

southern-californian-houseAdding a new room onto your house helps you to get the most from the space without needing to purchase or build a new home. You love your current house and its location, but you have increasing needs because of your growing family, or you want to make lifestyle improvements, or you have plans to do more work from home. A room addition is helpful in all these situations.

Below is a breakdown of the most common room additions people contact building contractors to work on.

Bedroom Addition

If the exterior space is available, adding a bedroom is the quickest way to help with a growing family. This is one of the larger types of room additions and requires a contractor with the design skill to ensure the room looks good on the outside as well, matching the material, style, and overall appearance of your house.

The California Room

The “California Room” is a room addition trend that’s extremely popular. You’ve probably seen it in other homes because, well, it’s common in California! The basic explanation of a California room is that it’s an indoor-outdoor space like a sunroom but bumped up to an extensive outdoor portion. Or you can think of it as a porch that extends inside the house. It’s one of the best types of relaxation and entertainment areas, and like the name indicates, it’s a superb match to our weather. You can transform a kitchen, living room, or other downstairs space into a California room.

Laundry Room

If you have a cramped space for the laundry machines and would like more room—as well as the option to hang clothing to dry, then adding on a full laundry room addition is an excellent option. This is one of the ways a room addition can help a family grow.


This is a way to create more space in the upper floor of a house. It can help bring in more light, improve air circulation with additional fresh air, and gives an attractive appearance to the front of a house.

The Garage Conversion

This is a room addition where the room already exists—except that it’s not in a usable or livable state. A garage can be converted into a new bedroom, a game room, a study, or can be divided up into multiple rooms if the space permits.

The Bump-Out

This is a “halfway room addition” in that it doesn’t add a new room but adds space to a current room. A bump-out can help you create a larger bedroom or transform a single bathroom into a double bath. There are endless possibilities with the extra space a bump-out provides.

Call the Top Local Contractor for a Room Addition

If you’re interested in a room addition in Brentwood, CA or elsewhere in the area we service, the best way to start is to arrange for an estimate with our team. We are licensed and insured and have an extensive portfolio of successful remodels and satisfied clients. Our exceptional customer service has helped establish us as a leader in design, remodeling, renovation, and new construction.

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