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Planning Your Lighting Design for Your New Home

When you come home at night after a long day, one of the first things you do is flip on a light switch. The lights are undeniably an important feature of any home. Have you put enough time and thought into planning your lighting design?

Consider the Placement of Windows

Along with the lighting fixtures, be sure you have enough windows to bring natural lighting in the home in the daytime. Natural lighting has been shown to improve mood, sleep, and overall quality of life. If you plan to spend a lot of time in a room, it should not be closed off and separate from the exterior portions of the home that receive natural light. If a main room cannot receive any sunlight, you may want to consider its placement.

Keep Up to Date on Energy Efficiency

New developments in energy efficiency mean light fixtures and bulbs are becoming more efficient all the time. Fluorescent or LED lights are recommended for any fixtures that remain on for more than 2 hours in a day. Check for the ENERGY STAR label to make sure your fixture is government-approved for energy efficiency and performance. Also, keep in mind that more lighting is not always better lighting. Well-spaced fixtures and quality bulbs, along with natural lighting for daytime, may be more effective (and efficient) than large clusters of lighting.

Remember that Lights Are Part of the Design

Look over all of the options you have for new light fixtures, from recessed lighting in the kitchen, to sconces in the hallway, to a chandelier over the dining room table. Lights can highlight your most prized possessions, and make a room feel warm and welcoming, so be sure you and your contractor have spent a lot of time working on this small portion of your home.

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