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Plan Your Kitchen Remodel to Make Cleaning Easier

When preparing for a kitchen remodel, you have a many considerations to make. What color should your cabinets be? What type of countertops do you want? How will you lay it all out? In most cases, homeowners consider style more than functionality when planning a kitchen remodel. Realistically though, things get dirty in a kitchen! To minimize the mess, consider a few remodeling tips that will make cleaning much easier.

Install Low Maintenance Cabinets

Cabinets with flat doors and a baked-on finish are easiest to clean. Painted cabinets with a high-gloss finish are another option. Although they show dirt, they’re easy to wipe down. Raised-panel doors and intricate molding around cabinetry can certainly make your kitchen look elegant. However, they are considerably harder to clean. Another thing to look for with cabinetry is pulls and handles that are easy to open with one or two fingers, so there’s less grease transfer while you’re cooking.

Pay Attention to Flooring

Floors can definitely be dirt traps. However, pay attention to how many seams and gaps your new kitchen flooring has. The dirtiest place in a kitchen is the seam between the floor and the vertical toe-kick. This can be resolved though, by “rolling” the edge of the floor up to the toe-kick to create a smooth curve. This is best accomplished with vinyl, linoleum, or tile flooring, but can also be possible with certain wood floors.

Get the Right Type of Sink

Undermount sinks—sinks with tops that are flush with your counter or underneath your counter—make it far easier to clean your countertops off without food and grime getting stuck in seams. It may also be beneficial for you to install a double bowl sink versus a single bowl sink, to allow for easier dish cleanup after meals.

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