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Personalizing Your Kitchen Cabinets During a Remodel

When you are remodeling a kitchen, up to 30% of your budget may be spent on the drawers and cabinetry around the room. These take up a lot of space in your kitchen, so make sure they meet your needs with our tips for personalizing your kitchen cabinets.

Know the Style You Desire

A custom-built cabinet can tie a room together, but factory-made stock cabinets allow you to save a little money and time and can work just as well in most rooms. Semi-custom cabinets are somewhere in between the two, offering greater variety when it comes to sizes and finishes.

The finish of the wood can set a tone in your kitchen. Lighter colors usually make a kitchen look larger, adding brightness to the room and giving the appearance of a more open space. Darker colors work better in kitchens that are already larger, but they can add a sophisticated look to any kitchen.

Add-on Features that Make Cabinets Easier to Use

Searching for items deep in the back of a cupboard can be a pain, but you can install roll-out shelving so that you can pull out a shelf and locate smaller, hidden kitchen tools with ease. You might consider other features as well, such as soft-close cabinet dampers and under-cabinet lighting.

Consider Other Options Besides Cabinets

Where many kitchens may traditionally place cabinets, there may be other options that could better suit your needs. Instead of upper cabinets, for example, you might want to consider shelves that allow you to display items and reach them easily.

Wide, deep, soft-close drawers that pull out all the way may be a better fit than lower cabinetry. You can easily see everything in the drawer without kneeling down, and there are many drawer organizers available to make everything easier to find.

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