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Our Top 3 Don’ts for Remodeling a Kitchen

Lots of input goes into remodeling a home. There are most likely a lot of people chiming in with their ideas along with your contractor, and you can get some helpful advice from magazines or from your contractor’s portfolio. While there are many people out there telling you what you should do, there are far fewer telling you what you should not do. Here’s are our top 3 “don’ts” for homeowners looking to remodel a kitchen.

Don’t forget to leave some space

One of the top reasons people remodel their kitchens is that they feel there isn’t enough space to cook and clean with ease. However, during the process of remodeling, some people feel so overwhelmed with the amount of gadgets and appliances available to install, they forget to leave counter and storage space. If wall-to-ceiling storage and plenty of counter space were your first priorities, stick to your original idea, and don’t trade off for an appliance you won’t even use very often.

Don’t focus on the now

Remodeling and decorating can be tricky, since remodeling trends start to fade over the years. You want your remodel to be an investment that lasts, so try to keep with a modern theme that will last you through the years, no matter what life throws at you. A good kitchen is versatile enough for multiple people to use at once, while remaining safe and convenient for children and the elderly.

Don’t make changes without talking to your contractor

Remodeling a kitchen simply is not a DIY job. While your input is the most important for any remodeling job in your own home, be sure to talk over any sudden changes to your remodeling plan with your contractor ASAP. This way, you don’t end up purchasing an appliance that is too large, or choosing building materials that your remodeling contractor was unprepared to work into the design of the room.

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