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Our Favorite Luxury Hillside Design Trends We Hope to See More of in 2022

Whether you’re moving into somewhere new or you’re thinking about making some much-needed changes to your current living space, designing on a hillside can be a fun and exciting — but nonetheless challenging — task. If you have a bit of hillside design to tackle, you may begin wondering if it’s worth it, or what you can do with it.

At the end of the day, you can’t change whether your property is on a hill, but you can definitely work with it to the best of your ability and find creative ways to design interesting features into the land and your home. Here are some luxury hillside design trends coming up this year.

1. Rock Gardens

There are so many ways to utilize rocks in your gardening, whether you want to build on a flat surface or the slope of a hillside. You can start off with a retention wall, add in some decorative stone, or go for a more natural look by allowing the rocks to tumble and land where they may. You can allow the plants to fill in around them, and go for a very serene and natural look.

2. Hillside Stairs

This can either be associated with the rock garden, or you can choose to install hillside stairs on your own. Although stone steps can be extremely stylish, they definitely aren’t your only option.

Hillside stairs are not only dynamic and interesting to look at, but they also offer a great deal of functionality, especially if the hill in question leads somewhere that is otherwise difficult to access. Consider the style and materials that you want to include in stairs like this, and you can create a unique space within nature!

3. Infinity Pools

If you live in a warm climate, or if you simply want to have a pool for those warm summer months, an infinity pool can be a great choice to put on the hillside. Not only are these pools extremely stylish and striking, but they can also be effective for the space. In this endeavor, it’s important to find a contractor that you trust with good communication so you can get exactly what you want out of this specific and customized project.

4. Panoramic Windows

If you live on a hillside, one of the most effective ways to utilize the best features is the addition of panoramic windows. Whether these windows slide open all the way or they simply serve to offer a look at the view, you can truly transform any space into a modern oasis where you can have the best of both worlds.

Being able to look out onto the gorgeous hillside while you remain within the comfort of your own home? That sounds like a great deal!

5. Patio With a View

Although this one might seem like a no-brainer, there are plenty of hillside homes that don’t utilize the availability of outdoor spaces that overlook the view. However, you can absolutely make the most of the space you’re working with by adding a patio or deck that looks out onto the nature below. This can be especially stylish with porches that wrap around and have lots of space to entertain.

6. Opening Wall

This tip can go alongside panoramic windows, although they are definitely not always one and the same. If you happen to have an outdoor space or even just a fantastic view, having an entire wall of windows that opens up into the outdoors can feel extremely stylish and natural at the same time. This also can be a very luxurious addition to any renovation, so it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

7. Sloped Gardening

If you have a little bit of a green thumb, you might want to try your hand at a sloped garden. This can be especially applicable if you have a gentle hillside that doesn’t experience very many extreme drop-offs. You can use a tier system in order to make the most space for flowers, vegetables, or other types of plants you plan to grow. Additionally, having a hillside can sometimes make a lot more space for spreading out and gardening as you please. If you tend to be interested in gardening, this can be a great idea for something to set up.

8. Waterfalls

This is one of the most obvious choices for what you can do if you are constructing on a hillside. But just because something is obvious doesn’t mean people do it all the time, or that it’s a bad choice. In fact, waterfalls are stylish, natural, versatile, and never go out of style. Especially if this hillside has a lot of natural surroundings and beautiful local foliage, adding a waterfall or even a little pond at the bottom can be exactly the right choice to take things to another level.

9. Fire Pit With a View

Whether you choose to install a fire pit directly on the ground or you’d prefer to add one to the patio or deck attached to the home, this can be a rustic, stylish choice for any hillside home. There’s nothing better than cozying up around a fire and looking out onto a beautiful view. This can allow people to congregate and truly enjoy what the space has to offer.

10. Tiered Decks

Speaking of decks, patios, and all the things you can add to them, one of the best ways to utilize the building opportunities of a hillside is by adding a tiered deck or patio with multiple levels, and even access to different floors of the house if you want something like that. By utilizing tiers, not only do you get a dynamic and visually pleasing design, but you can also utilize different views and have even more outdoor space to entertain all over the house.

Luxury Hillside Design

There are so many ways to bring luxury and beauty in when designing for a hillside. From infinity pools to panoramic windows and even simple choices like waterfalls and fire pits, there are so many reasons why this can be a great choice for building. Every home is different, which is why it’s perfect for there to be so many ways to make hillside design luxurious and stylish. Do you have a top-choice hillside design technique you usually turn to? Which one of these trends is your favorite so far?

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