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Our Best Tips for Designing a Shower during a Bathroom Remodel

glass-door-shower-bathroom-remodelThe one thing homeowners get really excited about during a bathroom remodel is the shower. If you plan on updating your shower, you’ve likely got an idea in mind already. Homeowners are always quick to tell us what their dream shower looks like when planning a bathroom remodel. But we believe it’s important to explore your options first, to see what you may be missing that you may not have considered before.

We hope these tips may help you to find a feature you love to add to your new shower, or perhaps you may be inspired to revise your previous plans. For more ideas about your bathroom remodel in LA, contact an expert contractor to talk you through.

 #1: Set Realistic Expectations

We hate when we have to break it to homeowners that their shower expansion or bathroom design idea may simply not be possible. It’s important to be realistic with your goals, and if you do have a lofty goal in mind, be prepared to hear it may be difficult, costly, or not possible under the circumstances of your current home design and/or budget. For example, expanding the shower may go against local building codes, or it may cost more than you’re able to budget. While we believe your bathroom is a sanctuary and you should make it your own, we want to ensure homeowners are ready to deal with the logistics.

#2: Glass Shower Doors Make a Room Look Bigger

Glass doors on the shower can make a room look a lot bigger. When you walk in the room and can see the tile design on the shower wall, it gives the illusion of more space. In addition, the door looks sleek and creates clean lines in your design.

#3: Shower Curtains Are Just As Viable

However, a shower curtain can be a great option too. The fact of the matter is that sometimes there are things in the shower we want to hide, and a little extra privacy is comforting. A shower curtain gives you the opportunity to change part of the bathroom style at will in a matter of minutes. The shower may also be easier to clean without the barrier involved that always keeps half the bathtub inaccessible to you as you clean.

#4: Little Details Matter

Will you have inserts in the walls for your shampoo bottles and soap? Will you have a window in the shower to let in natural light? Does the overhead lighting you have planned provide sufficient light for shaving and other shower tasks? The seemingly smallest of details make a long-term impact and are certainly important.

#5: Universal Design Isn’t for Everyone

Perhaps you would not prefer a bathroom door OR a shower curtain. Walk-in doorless showers are popular these days, making it easier to clean up and giving the room an open look and feel. The standard in universal bathroom design isn’t for everyone. For example, you don’t need a bathtub and shower all in one; you can separate them. In fact, you may not want a bathtub at all, and that’s okay too!

#6: We Recommend You Make It Rain

You have a lot of options when it comes to your shower head, but there’s one design feature we always recommend: a rainfall shower head. A wide, round shower head mounted above the shower gives the feeling of a warm, relaxing rainfall. And if you feel you need a removable massage shower head, you can always get both!

For bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA, call Advanced Builders & Contractors today! Licensed and insured contractors are standing by.

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