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No Way to Add Space? Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger with these Tips

It is possible to add space to a smaller kitchen when you hire a quality general contractor for your remodel. You could take out part of an adjoining room to extend the kitchen size or bump out part of the outside wall. But in some cases, extending the kitchen is not ideal or even necessary. You only want to make the kitchen feel more spacious and appear to be larger, so we’ve provided a few tips to help make this happen.

  • Keep the color scheme simple: An array of color in the kitchen can draw attention away from the design of your new room and create a feeling of clutter. Keeping the walls, appliances, and cabinetry a light color is not as startling to the eye and can give the appearance of more space. If you’re a fan of bold colors, save these for the accent pieces in your décor.
  • Choose Glass Cabinetry or Open Storage: If you can see the walls behind the cabinetry or shelving units, it makes it appear as if there are fewer bulky obstructions on the wall. Besides, you can show off your matching dish set and glassware—as long as you keep the shelves organized.
  • Go Easy on the Décor: You may be proud of your collection of salt shakers or your beautiful flower vases, but too many items on the counters or shelves can make a small space see more cluttered. Draw attention to one or two key highlights of the room by limiting your décor to only those that add to the design of the room.
  • Choose Smaller Furnishings: If you want an island, choose a small one and perhaps consider putting it against the wall. Smaller stools that can hide under the island may be preferable as well.

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