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New Technologies to Add to Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen-new-remodelRemodeling a kitchen gives you a chance to revamp your decor, finding new and chic ways to showcase your creativity and your own personal style. Still, style isn’t everything, and the functionality of your kitchen is always the most important thing. Today, you can get even more out of your kitchen, integrating the latest technology into your cooking and cleaning routine.

Check out some of the latest and upcoming technologies available from select manufacturers today. Ask a remodeling contractor for more information during your kitchen remodel in Los Angeles, CA.

Smart Refrigerators with Touch Screens and Wi-Fi Ovens

One of the most advanced new technologies already making its way into kitchens today is the smart refrigerator. Samsung’s smart refrigerators have a screen that works a lot like any other tablet you may have used before, but with apps that help out quite a bit in the kitchen.

Some of the applications available on your smart refrigerator are the same things you would find on any other smart product: a browser for the web, music applications, and a note-taking app, which can come in handy. But they also have these unique features, many of which connect directly to your smart phone:

  • Built-in cameras – You can open an app on your smartphone and see what’s in your fridge. That makes a shopping trip a whole lot easier, along with synced shopping lists.
  • Recipes – You’ll find an app that makes it easy to organize and pull up recipes for reference.
  • TV mirroring – You don’t have to miss out on your favorite show while you’re preparing the next meal. Watch TV along with the family, even after you leave the room, with TV mirroring with compatible TVs.
  • Calendar sync – The kitchen is a common area for discussing the week’s plans. And now, you can sync all the family’s calendars together and view them from the fridge.

In addition, these modern refrigerators are more efficient than ever before, with plenty of storage space in both the refrigerator and the freezer.

Ovens and ranges with Wi-Fi capabilities are also coming to homes in your neighborhood. An app on your smart phone allows you to preheat the oven before you come home. You can also check to see if you left the oven on by accident, and you can change settings (using your phone as a sort of remote control).

Even More in the Years to Come

Of course, there are always new innovations, and we’re sure the best is yet to come. For example, IKEA recently introduced its 2025 concept kitchen, complete with kitchen counters that guide you when making a recipe and have built-in scales to measure food and help you make adjustments.

Still, we can’t be certain these kitchen developments will make way any time soon, and there are already plenty of ways to create the kitchen of your dreams. Start shaping the kitchen of your future now. Call qualified local contractors to help you find the appliances and technologies you need to run one of the most important parts of your home.

Call the licensed and insured contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors for your Los Angeles kitchen remodel!

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