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New Storage Concept for the Bathroom Remodel: Open Shelves


More homeowners are discovering how much a lift their home and their daily lives can receive from a full bathroom design “do-over.” If you live in a home that’s older than 20 years, you probably have a bathroom that’s functional but dull. If you’ve already been thinking about a remodel, then you flashed through various style websites and magazines and seen some of the current trendy and gorgeous bathroom design concepts. With the right remodeler and design ideas, you can change the tired master bathroom to something with the touch of a vacation spa.

We want to talk about one of the popular trends for new bathrooms: open shelving and “unconcealed” storage.

Rethinking Storage

Open shelving is a concept that’s become popular for kitchens. If a homeowner is willing to organize objects in storage (thinking past the old “fine if it’s messy as long as it’s out of sight”) this can add an enormous sense of space to a kitchen. This unconcealed storage is also great for people who want to show off their pottery and use containers for designs.

But … in the bathroom? How effective is open shelving and unconcealed storage for this room?

You may feel resistant to the idea at first because of the fear of the bathroom looking cluttered, with toothpaste tubes, cotton swabs, mouthwash containers, and the rest of those sundries out in the open. But think about this: how often do you root around in the cabinets in drawers trying to find what you need for a morning or evening routine? Take the time to organize the shelves—it’s simpler than you may think—and you can access everything easily without much effort and very little searching.

There’s also more to unconcealed storage than just the open shelves (which is why we like the former term). Instead of adding shelves, your contractor can create storage niches sunken into the walls. This creates more space in bathroom, and niches can be easily integrated into the new design concept. Placing a recessed niche in the new shower allows you to store many more items in reach without needing to put more clutter around the sink or the walls.

Another advantage of going “unconcealed” is that it allows you to make the most of the new material in your bathroom. Allowing more of the tiles or other attractive surfaces you’re using to replace the bland drywall is one of the best boosts to an old bathroom. So why cover up large parts of it with cabinets? Let it burst through with an open shelving look.

Work With a Top Local Contractor

To plan a Bathroom remodel in Brentwood, CA requires working with a professional contractor—a contractor who handles all aspects of the remodel, saving you time and ensuring complete coordination throughout the project. At Advanced Builders & Contractors, we use design/build to see that our customers get exactly what they’re looking for, or help them find out what they’re looking for. Concealed or unconcealed storage, we’ll find what works for your remodel.

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