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More Space in Your House? A Few Remodeling Addition Ideas

new-home-constructionYou never know exactly how long you may stay in a home you purchase. Life can throw plenty of changes your way, and a place you may have considered for a short residency can end up as the long-term home where you raise a family.

At some point, you discover that you’re outgrowing your living space. You can move to a new house, but there are home remodeling projects that can help you expand without making a big move. We work on many projects for home remodeling in Brentwood, CA and throughout Los Angeles, and we can help you find the room addition or other additions to help your house grow along with your family or your needs. Below are a few remodeling ideas to think about. Arrange for an estimate with our remodeling team and they’ll see you have the right project for your renovation or remodel.

The Kitchen Add-On

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular types of remodels, and a number of basic bump-outs or nooks in the kitchen can make a difference in space. A larger kitchen helps the whole house feel roomier. You can also have remodeling done on the kitchen that doesn’t add space to it, but makes it feel easier to navigate, such as getting rid of the peninsula counter and replacing it with an island.

Change the Porch Into a Sunroom

If your house has a large porch, think about making it into a sunroom. You’ll get more use out of it while still enjoying the sunlight exposure of the porch. Because we don’t have severe winters in Los Angeles, it’s easier for builders to create a sunroom that won’t suffer from colder outdoor temperatures and require extensive HVAC renovations.

The Bump-Out

A bump-out is like a partial room addition that adds space to a room. Bump-outs can come in a range of sizes, and they can also be suspended partially over the outside landscape to allow for more flexibility and less costly renovation work. You can have a bump-out done for almost any space in the house, allowing you to be creative with it. (Expand the bedroom with space for a home office desk, for example.)

The Garage/Attic Conversion

We recently wrote about this, and we want to bring it up again because most homes have attics and garages—and if they aren’t receiving much use for their original purposes, they can be transformed into living spaces without radical amounts of new construction.

Adding a Second Story

This is a big project, obviously, but when you weigh it against the cost of a new house as well as the increase in value of your current house, it may be worth it. You really want to make sure you work with a team like ours for this type of project, because the first story of the home must be able to support the new weight or be upgraded to handle it. A more conservative second-story option is to add a room over the garage if the garage extends from the house.

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