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Some Modern Trends in Bathroom Remodeling


Subway tiles in a recently-remodeled bathroom.

One of the reasons you may be planning for a bathroom remodel in Calabasas, CA is to take advantage of current trends and the best in recent technology. Your old bathroom is tired and may be inconvenient, and you want to change all that with a remodel that makes the best use of what’s popular and useful.

This is why you always want to go to a contractor who can handle the design and construction of your remodeling project. When you work with Advanced Builders & Contractors, we will see you have the best bathroom modernizations: the ones you want, and the ones you didn’t realize you want. Here are a few:

In-floor heating

This is a luxury that people love: replacing that old cold bathroom floor that stings under your feet with one that’s warmed up. If you’ve never enjoyed walking in bare feet over your bathroom floor, this is a great option. These in-floor heating systems work with a variety of different floor material, so you don’t have to worry about being trapped with a flooring you don’t like just so you can enjoy warm feet each morning and evening.

Heated towel drying rack

You may have already seen this appliance installed in other homes or hotels. Sometimes called “towel warmers,” this makes it sound as if the purpose of the rack is to provide you with warm towels. That’s actually not what they’re for. Towel drying racks allow for towels to quickly dry off, helping them to avoid mildew and not require as much washing. Your towels will always be ready when anyone steps out of the shower. Although you can purchase free-standing towel racks, it’s better to have one designed and integrated into the bathroom.

Low-flow toilets

Toilets are becoming more advanced as well, with features like seat warmers (a good match for in-floor heating and heated towel racks). But the best feature of all is the low-flow flush toilet. This can reduce the amount of water used per flush from 3 gallons to 1.5 gallons—and that means tremendous savings on your annual water bills.

The smart shower

Houses are going “smart” in many places. People usually think of a smart house as one with a central control panel that regulates the indoor climate, humidity level, door locks, and security systems. But you can have a smart shower installed in your bathroom. What does a smart shower do? It remembers your ideal water temperature, saving you from having to fiddle around and waste water trying to get the temperature just right. The shower can also turn on music for you and remember your ideal showering tunes.

Unique lighting

Lighting in a bathroom can make or break it. The reason so many bathrooms feel drab is because they have drab lighting. Have you considered ways to allow in more natural light for your bathroom? This might be one of your best options. Our team has lighting experts who can help you choose special vanity lighting or diffuse lighting to create a bathroom that’s functional and attractive. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other—not when you have a top-shelf contractor on the job!

Advanced Builders & Contractors is a licensed and insured contractor for Los Angeles. We offer exceptional customer service on all projects.

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