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Modern Options for Bathroom Tiles

bathroom-tile-tubYou might think you know all there is to know about bathroom tiles. But a little research when you’re working on a bathroom remodel reveals rather quickly that there’s a lot to learn. Even those of us with a knack for interior design find new brands to love, new styles to admire, and unique backsplashes to explore all the time!

Today, you have more options than ever before for adding tile to your bathroom remodel. Whether it’s a mosaic on the wall behind the sink and toilet, a set of tiles lining the shower wall, or floor tiles that keep family members safe, we have a bit of information about the most prominent design feature of many bathrooms. For more information, call a local contractor to talk about your remodeling project.

Subway Tile for Walls

This is one of the most popular modern picks for a bathroom wall. Subway tiles gained prominence in prewar homes in urban settings, and they’re making a major comeback (if they ever really went away). This sleek rectangular bathroom and kitchen staple looks unassuming at first. White field tiles are placed side to side, with each layer underneath offset slightly from the previous one.

Typically, the tiles are slightly worn (usually on purpose) and give a rustic, original look to any bathroom. White or off-white subway tile may suffice on its own as a bathroom wall tile, though some homeowners opt to add in the occasional colored tile for a fun, creative twist.

Subway tiles in a recently-remodeled bathroom.

Mosaic Backsplashes

This is all the rage in bathrooms all across the country. Small mosaic tiles come together to form a unique customized pattern. Glass tiles, stone, or even metal may be used and a wide range of shapes and sizes are common. However, we’d venture to say that the most popular mosaic backsplashes are primarily positioned above sinks and on the upper part of showers. They use glass linear tiles of different shades of a similar color.

Shower and Bathroom Wall Tile

If you plan to use tiles on the shower wall, you can use it to make a statement. Black and white checkered tiles are a favorite for many homeowners looking for an enduring stylistic element. Glazed ceramic and porcelain are perhaps the best materials for an area taking on such a high volume of water. You may decide to make your shower wall stand out or blend it in with the tile covering the bathroom walls.

Practical Floor Tiles

Many people are most concerned about the practicality of their bathroom flooring. This is especially true if you have children, or if elderly relatives live in the home. Vinyl is certainly the top choice for this concern, and it’s easy to install. However, linoleum may be the better fit, as it is anti-bacterial, stain resistant, and easier to clean.

And practicality no longer means sacrificing style. Small glass tiles can be slip-resistant and still offer a depth and beauty you won’t find in other tiling options. Besides that, linoleum and vinyl flooring can now be installed in so many colors and shapes that the possibilities are endless.

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