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Medium-Sized Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchen-remodel-classic-stainless-steelKitchens come in all sizes, and the size of the rest of the house doesn’t always dictate if the kitchen is large or small. Getting the most out of a small kitchen is a big test of design concepts. But what about the medium-sized kitchen? You have more options for remodeling a standard kitchen, and the increase in options can often be the problem. Where to invest? Enlarge or not enlarge?

You may already have goals in mind for a mid-sized kitchen remodel, such as to help people in your home with mobility issues or to conserve water. We’d like to show you some ideas for the medium-sized kitchen remodel to consider that can apply to many different goals—and they’ll probably help you mold your goals toward the ideal outcome you didn’t even realize was possible.

Raise the Ceiling

In an older home, you may be losing plenty of space overhead to the original ceiling design. If possible, the renovators can raise the ceiling. This can provide several benefits for remodeling the rest of the space. First, it provides more cabinet and storage space. Or, you can have the storage space the same, but move up the cabinets to produce a better workspace. Another option is to use the raised ceiling to put in a better lighting design to brighten and enhance the kitchen that would not have been possible otherwise.

New Flooring

One of the best changes to a kitchen that doesn’t require worrying about the size of the space is to put in new flooring. The options for new kitchen floors are immense. If you want to switch from old, drab linoleum, you can make the switch to granite, tile, other types of stone, or wood. This is a place where you can show your creativity.

Knock Out the Wall, Add a Bar

Another idea for the older kitchen that is mostly walled off from the rest of the house is to remove one of the walls and create an eating bar with chairs. This makes the whole space feel larger and makes the kitchen a better social hub, whether it’s mornings getting everyone ready for the day with breakfast, or for entertaining. Raising the ceiling can help here as well, allowing for more cabinet space above the bar so you don’t lose as much container area as you might otherwise.

Cabinetry and Countertops

These apply to almost every kitchen remodel, and they bring similar benefits to the medium-sized kitchen. You may opt for a less expensive paint-job for the cabinets, or put in an entirely new open-shelving scheme. Upgrading from linoleum countertops doesn’t have to be a budget-buster either: there are many different choices.

To arrange for superb kitchen remodeling in Encino, CA, arrange to meet with our team and get an estimate. Our team of designers and builders can provide you with ideas that will match what you want to achieve as well as meet with your current budget.

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