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You Have Many Sink Choices for Your Bathroom Remodel

sink-faucets-doubleWe believe the process of remodeling a room in your home should be enjoyable. You leave all the difficult work to our team when it comes to your bathroom remodel in Beverly Hills, CA while you get the pleasure of picking out the fixtures you want to enhance the space. Our designers will be there to help with the selection process, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your own sense of style. For example, choosing a new bathroom sink.

The bathroom sink doesn’t have to be boring! It’s a vital functional item, but there are many different styles of bathroom sinks available that can help to create a space that’s more attractive and useful. Below are a few of the most popular types of bathroom sinks for a remodel.

Drop-in sink

This is the most common type of sink, and if you are remodeling an older bathroom, it’s likely the one you currently have. The sink rests above the countertop, sitting down in a hole with a rim along the outside to hold it. These are easy sinks to replace, which is one reason they’re popular. They’re flexible, able to be made from almost any material, and fit any style.

Undermount sink

This sink is attached to the counter from below. These are custom sinks, because the hole must be designed to match them, so they aren’t as simple a replacement to make. However, they allow for more flexibility when it comes to counter material, and they are a more modern look than drop-in sinks.

Vessel sink

This type of sink is one of the most popular with current bathroom trends. A vessel sink gives the illusion that it’s a separate bowl sitting on the counter with a faucet over it. The bottom of the bowl attaches to the counter, which allows for the rest of the counter level to be lower. There are many varieties of materials for vessel sinks, and they create a roomy and attractive design many homeowners like. If you are looking for a modern transformation for your bathroom, a vessel sink is a good choice.

Pedestal sink

On the other hand, if you’re interested in a retro or classic appearance for your new bathroom, the pedestal sink may be ideal. This is a freestanding sink that sits on a column underneath it. A benefit of a pedestal sink, aside from its retro appearance, is that it frees up space in the bathroom. On the other hand, it doesn’t offer storage area beneath it, so if you are remodeling to improve storage capacity, a pedestal sink isn’t the top option.

Wall-hung sink

This is a sink that doesn’t have to attach to the floor of the bathroom at all. The drainpipe extends from the wall and the sink is placed on top of it. You can choose to have the pipe exposed or concealed. These sinks are good for creating additional floor space, although they offer only limited counter area.

We’re glad to assist you with your choice for a new bathroom sink: helping realize your design dreams is a part of our job.

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