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Making Your Bathroom Remodel Safe for Seniors

Senior citizens often have more challenges with mobility than other people in the home, and a fall can result in a larger injury than it would for someone younger. Show the seniors in your home that you care about their safety by considering some of these additions when you are planning to remodel a bathroom. The health and wellbeing of the people you love is worth the change in your bathroom design.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Bathrooms are known for their slippery surfaces. Do your part to reduce the slippery elements in your bathroom by contacting your remodeling contractor. While a bit of slipperiness is necessary for moisture resistance, there are some slip-resistant tiles that may do the trick. Manufacturers coat tiles with abrasive substances to make them safer for seniors. Of course, you can also add in bathmats and floor mats for increased resistance.

Plenty of Grab Bars

In order to prevent injury, you should install grab bars around the home and in the bathroom in particular. This can make the difference between a slippery stumble and a complete fall. Have grab bars on the bathroom wall (not just towel racks!) and along the shower wall. You might install a tension bar instead, which provides a stable surface for someone to grab onto when exiting the shower or bath.

Raised Seating

Having a higher toilet bowl and seat can make a major difference in the life of a senior citizen who struggles to sit down with ease. Additionally, having a raised seat in the shower can make it a lot easier for someone with limited mobility to bathe. Talk to your contractor about adding in a seat during a renovation.

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