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Make Your Kitchen a Secondary Living Room

You’re investing money into your kitchen remodel, so you might hope it becomes a space where your family members want to hang out a lot more often. Turn your kitchen into something like a second living room with the help of our guide.

Choose versatile furniture for lounging, dining, and entertainment

Make sure the kitchen has plenty of seating so that it becomes a multi-functional space for talking, eating, doing homework, reading a book, crafting, or just lounging around. We love kitchen designs with dining room tables, cushioned benches, and island seating so that family members and guests can choose what’s best for the situation.

Decorate with warm, welcoming colors and features

Part of transforming a kitchen into a place where people want to be includes making the space feel like home. Choose complementary colors that work well with your lighting and cabinetry, and lighter walls to make the room feel more open. Decorate with plants and bright accent pieces that bring the room together.

You can add in other features for function or style. You may consider a desk, if the furniture makes sense with your kitchen design. You might even add a small TV for your guests or so that you have something to look at while you’re waiting for a roast to finish cooking.

Open up the kitchen and living room space

Open kitchen and living room designs, or kitchens with large entryways joining the living room to them, are becoming more and more common. With this type of design, the kitchen is no longer an isolated space for a single person to prepare meals. Rather, it becomes an interactive space that’s visually stimulating and perfect for multitasking and entertaining guests.

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