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Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger With These Remodeling Ideas

modern-kitchen-technologyOne of the most common types of kitchen remodeling projects is a kitchen enlargement. But we know this is not always an option for our clients. A homeowner may not have the budget for a full kitchen extension, or there may not be available space to help open up a home’s kitchen. 

But there are kitchen remodeling methods that can do the next best thing, which is to create the sense of larger space as well make the best use of what space is available. We’re masters at kitchen remodeling in Encino, CA and throughout the Los Angeles area, so we know plenty of techniques for using space and creating a sense of a roomier kitchen. 

Below we’ll go over some remodeling ideas that can help you make your kitchen remodel feel bigger than before.

The bump-out

If you can’t push the outside wall of the kitchen farther into your property, you may still be able to take advantage of a “bump-out,” which pushes out part of the kitchen using cantilevers instead of taking up ground space. You can use this to create a breakfast nook or enlarge a main window over the sink to bring in more light and a feeling of space.

Open shelving

This is a popular style for modern kitchens, and it’s both stylish and airy. It creates a sense of vaster amounts of space—and it lets you show off new tiling and wall material as well as high-end dishes and bowls. We do offer this caution: open-shelving isn’t right for all homes. If you’re already very neat and organized in your storage, then open shelving isn’t a tough adjustment to make. But if you already have crammed cupboards, open shelving may end up looking too messy.

Light colors

Is your current kitchen drab and dim-looking, with dark wooden cabinets, countertops, and other surfaces? This makes a kitchen look more cramped. Light colors open up a space the same way that bringing in more light does. White tiles, cabinets, and counters can make an enormous difference in how open your kitchen feels. There are other bright color options, such as yellows and light greens that may better fit your style vision for your kitchen. 

Reflective surfaces

You already know that mirrors make any space feel larger. You don’t need many mirrors in a kitchen—that’s a bathroom remodeling tactic—but you can get a similar effect from using reflective and transparent surfaces. This can mean using glossy flooring material and paint for the cabinets and appliances made from stainless steel. There are many countertop materials that can create a reflective sheen. Ask your remodeling designer for more ideas. 

Slimline cabinets

If extra storage isn’t vital for you, an excellent way to increase kitchen space is slimline cabinets (a.k.a. reduced depth base units), which don’t protrude as far from the wall. This is a good option if you don’t have a large number of bulky pots and pans. 

We’re here to help with creating a great design for your new kitchen, no matter your goals.

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