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Home Construction Question: Should I Add a Room to My House?

When you originally purchased your home in, you took into consideration the amount of space needed for you, your family, your belongings, and your work and leisure-time activities. But time brings change, and at some point you might consider adding a new room onto your home that fits the expansions in your life.

When you decide on having an additional room, you’ll need a building contractor who can handle all aspects of construction, from design to implementation. Call Advanced Builders & Contractors for your room addition or any other job that requires a general contractor in Los Angeles.

Good reasons to add a room to your house

  • Increase work productivity: If you do any work from home, either as an adjunct to your job or because you are entirely self-employed, constructing a separate home office is an excellent way to make you more productive. You’ll no longer have to worry about storage that bleeds over into other parts of the house, and the separate space will help make you more focused on your tasks.
  • More family members: Maybe new children, or an older relative moving in with you… having more people in the house doesn’t have to mean a more crowded house. You can add an additional bedroom easily if you hire the right contractor to take care of it for you.
  • Expand for your older children: Sometimes, one of the best ways to create harmony in a household with multiple children is to offer an older child his or her own space. Even if you carefully planned for the number of children you wanted have, the time may come when it’s less stressful for the family to provide older children with a private space.
  • Avoid the expense of buying a new home: This is what it really comes down to… any of the above reasons might prompt you to move to a new home. But adding a new room onto your current home will often solve the space issues you have for less expense and far less hassle than purchasing a new house.

Hire the right contractor

A room add-on can turn into a major frustration if you have to juggle multiple different contractors to have it done: architects, engineers, craftsmen. But at Advanced Builders & Contractors, we have all those tasks gathered together under one roof, and they will all work together under your roof. Save yourself time and money and let Advanced Builders & Contractors handle expanding your house—and your life. For all your needs for a general contractor in Los Angeles, call us.

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