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LOS ANGELES ADU Law Changes Increase Revenue Opportunities for Multifamily Owners

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

According to the Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning, “an Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as a granny or in-law unit, is a living unit that may be up to 1200 sq. ft. An ADU is an accessory use to a single-family or multifamily residential building, wherever such developments are permitted.” These differ from their Junior design models, in that a “Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) is a dwelling unit with independent exterior access that is no more than 500 square feet in size and contained entirely within a single-family residence, including an attached garage. The proposed JADU or the existing single-family residence must be owner-occupied.” Today we will be focusing on the Multi Family friendly traditional ADU. Other common terms for an ADU include an in-law or mother-in-law unit, secondary dwelling unit, granny flat or carriage house.

Typically, all multi-family-zoned properties are allowed to construct one or more ADUs (Additional Dwelling Units) depending on their ordinance. For specific zoning in Los Angeles: visit here or call 3-1-1 to speak to a Los Angeles Building and Safety rep regarding your specific property.

New laws pertaining to ADU’s in Los Angeles have been gaining support given the current housing crisis and demand, both from owners and potential renters. Regulations are given on a lot-to-lot basis, maintaining a maximum FAR (floor-area-ratio) or RFA (residential floor area). If the number of units is already met on your property, you may not be approved for constructing an ADU. Los Angeles has eliminated the parking requirement for ADU’s as long as the property is within ½ mile from a transit stop (bus stops included).

So – you have a multifamily property and are interested in building an ADU? Where do you start?

If you have an architect with experience working with the city to build ADU’s, contact them so they can tell you what opportunities your specific property holds. If you do not have an architect skilled in the ADU world, contact us and we would be happy to connect you to one that we have vetted. Once you have dialed in what you can build on your property, your architect will draft plans for what you want to build and help you get them through the plan check process with the city. Then you’ll want to get estimates on the build itself from qualified Contractors – such as us! Advanced Builders & Contractors is experienced in ADU construction and can get you increasing your cash flow quickly, on-time, in-budget and headache free.

Increasing the number of rental units on your multifamily property is a no-brainer, you’ll maximize profits, increase monthly cash flow, as well as increase the value of the property. It is an excellent real estate investment. By allowing more ADUs to be approved, cities like Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Hollywood all have a viable housing solution that increases housing density exponentially, encourages a strong economy, and fosters a sense of community, diversity and well-being. For more information on how to add an ADU to your property, Contact Advanced Builders & Contractors Today.

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