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A Look at Flooring Options for a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom-tilesThe last time we discussed bathroom remodeling, we examined lighting options, which people often overlook during the early stages of a remodel. Today, we plan to look at part of bathroom remodeling that often pops into homeowners’ minds first: the flooring. 

Bathroom flooring focuses on practicality merged with design. Bathroom flooring must have moisture resistance and be easy to clean, and these considerations often come before aesthetics ones. But when you work with our experienced professional builders and designers for your bathroom remodeling in Brentwood, CA, you won’t have to sacrifice attractiveness for usefulness, nor vice versa. 

Bathroom flooring starts with selecting the material—and you have numerous options. Below we’ll examine a few of the popular choices for new bathroom flooring. 


Vinyl is a common flooring material, but one people often dismiss because its low cost may make it seem inappropriate for an upscale bathroom remodel. But vinyl has several benefits aside from being cost-effective. Vinyl is waterproof, and if professionals install it, it won’t have any seams to break apart the water shielding. (People who try to DIY bathroom flooring often use vinyl and make sealing mistakes like this.)

Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic are already materials you associate with bathroom fixtures, so it makes sense to extend them to the floor. These tiles give a bathroom a “classic” look. The tiles come in many sizes and designs, so you can make them fit with many other styles of bathroom. Along with the attractive appearance, porcelain and ceramic tiles are waterproof and less costly than several other stone options. 

Natural Stone

Putting in natural stone in homes—for floors and countertops—is a popular current trend. This is as durable a material as you can have put into your bathroom, although that durability does come with a higher price tag. One the other hand, stone flooring can raise the retail value of a house. Stone can be more slippery and is difficult to heat (although this is rarely an issue in Southern California). 


Laminate is one of the least expensive options, and you may already be familiar with it from kitchens or other bathrooms in the house. It’s waterproofed paper placed over a wood chip layer. A risk with laminate flooring is water moisture getting into the wood and creating damage from wood rot and possibly even mold. However, this rarely occurs when professionals handle the installation work.

Engineered Wood

Hardwood floors are among the most popular choices for flooring in new homes—but that love does not extend to bathroom floors, where hardwood faces problems with water exposure. But there is a way to have the beauty of wood flooring in a bathroom: engineered wood. It looks like a genuine wood layer but has greater resistance to moisture. It is still a wood product and therefore can encounter trouble with water damage. 

We hope we’ve given you a start thinking about the flooring for your newly redone bathroom. When you’re ready to get started with a team that can handle the entire process, call us.

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